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Yes, you can still travel to Cuba. While cruise ships and big tour groups have been banned by new restrictions as of June 5, 2019, private small-group custom trips are not only possible but recommended. On such trips you can:

* Delve into real life in Havana through intimate interactions with musicians, artists, and young entrepreneurs who discuss life and private business in communist Cuba.

* Dine in private restaurants called paladares, where both established and up-and-coming chefs creatively fuse farm-to-table Cuban cooking with local and international cuisines.

* Enjoy vibrant dance performances that mix a multitude of styles and rhythms, drawing on Spanish and Afro-Cuban influences.

* Be briefed by a renowned architect and city planner before a walking tour of Old Havana to learn the stories behind the beautiful crumbling facades.

* Discover a world-class contemporary-art scene.

* Explore museums, galleries, and cigar factories.

Americans aren’t the only travelers who visit Cuba, though, and the island’s current infrastructure is already bursting at the seams. Overbooking by guides, restaurants, and other services is already commonplace, and a lack of reliable phone and Internet service makes coping with such problems a real challenge. Factor in flight delays, mechanical issues with cars and buses, and hotels overbooking and kicking people out onto the streets, and you can see why visiting Cuba can be difficult. What’s more, if you want to avoid an inauthentic, touristy experience of the country, Cuba is more expensive than most people realize. You need a Cuba travel specialist who can navigate you away from the pitfalls and give you a truly memorable experience.

We can point you to a Cuba specialist who delivers private, custom, WOW trips that take you to the most fascinating places, introduce you to the most interesting people, and connect you to insider experiences you could never find or access on your own. But be prepared to spend about $1,000 per person per day. If that’s doable, click below and complete the questionnaire. Your information is kept private.

Pricing tip: Trips can be booked for as few as two travelers. All-inclusive prices start at $3,900 per person, depending on the number of travelers, for four nights and include 5-star accommodations; a full-time guide and driver; all activities; museum fees; and daily breakfast.


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