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Yes, you can still travel to Cuba.  Cruise ships and large tour groups were banned by new restrictions in June 2019, but private custom-tailored trips for as few as two travelers are still possible and legal, as long as you use the right Cuba travel specialist who will handle all the paperwork to ensure that you abide by U.S. laws.  The selection of Cuba itinerary-planning specialists whom we know and trust have worked in the country for years and are well connected to diplomats, artists, chefs, young entrepreneurs, and the savviest private guides who unlock doors that are closed to others. They can have you sipping mojitos with Grammy-nominated musicians, scuba diving in one of the world’s healthiest marine ecosystems, and of course cruising the Malecón in a classic American automobile. If you’ve waited to visit Cuba, you’re in luck:  There are far fewer crowds than you’d have found during the mad crush of U.S. tourists that occurred a few years ago (following the Obama administration’s rollback of travel regulations in 2014).  The travel infrastructure has improved in the past couple of years, and several charming new mansion-style boutique hotels have opened recently.  Now is also an opportune moment because next year’s U.S. Presidential election could spell changes in U.S. policy toward Cuba potentially unleashing a new wave of U.S. tourists.  Tell us about the Cuba trip you have in mind, and we can help you make it a (legal) reality.

Pricing tip:  Prices start at $500 per person per day for a trip that uses 4-star or B&B-style boutique accommodations and that includes a full-time guide and driver, all activities, and some meals. 

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