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A New Way To Get V.I.P. Treatment in a Hotel

by Wendy Perrin | September 23, 2014

As TripAdvisor’s Travel Advocate, I share advice on TripAdvisor’s blog about how to pick the right hotel or room. But there’s a difference between wanting and actually getting. TripAdvisor can help—within its hotel reviews you can click on “See more room tips” to learn whether to request a certain room number or stay away from one—but when it comes to getting into a hotel that’s sold out, or getting upgraded to the one room with the panoramic view from the bathtub, for that you need the right human being with the right connections.

I’ve collected just such human beings on my WOW List. These Trusted Travel Experts have close, preferred relationships with the hoteliers at the destinations they specialize in. They suss out the best rooms at each property and make sure their travelers get them. They negotiate exclusive rates with V.I.P. perks. And they have pledged that travelers will be the first in line for those perks, whenever and wherever possible.

In case you’ve missed my recent TripAdvisor posts about how to pick the right hotel and room, here’s a sampling.

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A panoramic rooftop that’s in the middle of all the action—and that has a pool, a bar, a breakfast area, or all three—comes with unexpected benefits that can transform a trip from just okay to extraordinary.

How to Pick a Room in a Palace Hotel
When it comes to historic European palace hotels, the reality often doesn’t live up to the fantasy. That’s because rooms can vary drastically and choosing the right one is tricky.

When to Stay in a Fashion Designer Hotel
In honor of this month’s Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, here’s my take on when to pick a hotel that is a couturier’s dreamy creation—and how to make your stay even dreamier.

How to Sightsee Inside Legendary Hotels
It’s often well worth incorporating a grand historic hotel into your sightseeing itinerary. Here’s how.

If you’d rather have a Trusted Travel Expert do all the work for you, choose the right person from my WOW List. The way to let that person know you’re a V.I.P. traveler is by contacting him/her via the black CONTACT button on his/her Insider’s Guide.

And if you’ve gotten into an extraordinary hotel and room thanks to a Trusted Travel Expert, click to his/her Insider’s Guide and leave a review!

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