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Cuba for Thanksgiving: Travel Deal for Our Readers

by Billie Cohen | July 29, 2016

Thanks to the historic easing of travel restrictions, interest in Cuba has skyrocketed. In fact, it’s the #1 destination for readers—the one Wendy gets the most trip requests for.

But even though five U.S. airlines were recently given permission to start regularly scheduled service to some cities in Cuba, no schedules have yet been announced for flights to Havana, and a trip there is still a huge challenge. Available hotel rooms are scarce, rental houses are iffy, and the current infrastructure is not ready to handle the projected 1 to 1.5 million U.S. visitors per year (a figure that does not include visitors from all other countries). Overbooking at hotels and restaurants is already common—which means some travelers are being kicked onto the streets. Add to that the BandAid solution being offered to most travelers—i.e., the most touristy, inauthentic group tours you can imagine—and you’ll start to understand why Wendy recommends private or very-small-group trips, arranged by an extremely well-connected and trusted Cuba specialist with insider access, as the way to get the most out of a Cuba trip and to avoid hassles and disappointments.

That’s why we’re happy to share a special and exclusive,travel offer with you—one that might just have you spending Thanksgiving on that fascinating island with your whole family or with a group of friends. David Lee, Wendy’s Trusted Travel Expert for Cuba, is offering a one-of-a-kind, private-group trip over the holiday. He’s crafted the trip to suit a group of 10–12 people, so that you can invite grandparents, cousins, or friends to join you. To get a taste of what he can offer, check out his Insider’s Guide to Cuba Without the Crowds and Hassles. And to understand what he does that’s so remarkable, read these reviews posted by your fellow travelers.

David has access to the best rooms in the most charming, luxurious, and well-located hotels that are otherwise sold out. He also has access to the best paladars (which have on average only 15 tables each), intimate music venues, private art studios, and behind-the-scenes experiences that larger groups or big-bus tours cannot include on their trips. He takes great care in selecting his guides, hiring not only for their knowledge but their willingness to be open and honest about daily life in Cuba and to help visitors key into what it means to be a Cuban in Cuba.

The trip dates are November 22–27. For $4,525 per person (based on 10–12 people), you get the following:

  • Custom-tailored private itinerary in and around Havana, with a full-day trip outside of Havana.
  • 4 nights in deluxe junior suites at the iconic Hotel Saratoga
  • 1 night in Miami beforehand at the EB Hotel (because your flight from Miami to Havana leaves early in the morning on November 23), plus transportation to the airport.
  • Full-time private deluxe transportation in Cuba
  • Full-time private English-speaking guide in Cuba
  • Most meals, including 1 to 2 alcoholic beverages per meal
  • All scheduled activities, including museum entrance fees
  • Complete visa services (U.S. departure city and Havana)
  • All taxes
  • Mandatory private Cuban health insurance

For more information about this trip, contact David Lee here. You must contact him through our site to be marked as a VIP traveler and be entitled to this offer.
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