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#WOWWeek Starts January 22 and I Want to Hear Your Best Travel Tips

Wendy Perrin | January 12, 2018

On Monday January 22, we will kick off our first-ever WOW Week! Every day that week—from Monday through Sunday—I will be sharing the best travel intelligence for 2018 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: where to go, how to get there, the coolest experiences not to miss, what’s new and different, and the strategies and solutions that will help minimize the travel pain points and frustrations I most frequently hear about. I also want to make sure you know that I’ve just announced The 2018 WOW List of Trusted Travel Experts—my annual list of the world’s best trip designers—and they will be sharing their best tips and finds with you all week too!  So will my favorite savvy travel journalists, whom I’ve invited to share the top strategies you need to know in 2018. But mostly, I want to hear from you, my community of smart travelers who not only helped review and road-test those WOW List travel specialists, but who continue to help me elevate travel and travel industry standards every day.

Follow the conversation around our daily topics, and contribute your best advice for other travelers using the hashtag #WOWWeek and the individual hashtags below. See you on social media!

Monday 22: #WOW2018Travel

How to plan trips strategically enough to prevent getting shut out of the best experiences, hotels, and deals.

Tuesday 23: #WOWNextGreatPlaces

Here are the next great travel destinations—the ones that have not yet been overexposed by the media and overrun by tourists.

Wednesday 24: #WOWNoCrowds

How to skip the lines, ditch the crowds, bypass traffic, and avoid tourist traps, in countries around the world.

Thursday 25: #WOWLocalSecrets

Sometimes when we’re abroad, despite our efforts to find the authentic neighborhoods and meet the locals, we end up in chain hotels and touristy areas, ordering from a menu written in English. Today we’ll discuss solutions and secrets to living like a local.

Friday 26: #WOWTravelValue

How to avoid peak-season pricing and sold-out school-break conditions—and determine the optimal times to experience a location’s ideal activities.

Saturday 27: #WOWFamilyTravel

Yes, frustrated parents, it’s possible to achieve vacations that are simultaneously child-friendly and adult-sophisticated. Discover and share strategies for high-minded family travel.

Sunday 28: #WOWRemoteTravel

How to achieve the new definition of luxury: It’s no longer about thread count and marble bathrooms. It’s about solitude and exclusivity—time, space, and vast landscapes all to yourself. It’s about that feeling of being remote. And you don’t always need to be far from home to find it!


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  1. Jeffrey Bernfield

    WOW week is a really WOW idea. It should stand for Week of Wendy (WOW). What could be better than that? Looking forward to listening for all the expert advice and tips from your amazing group of talented experts and yourself.

  2. Annelies Hamerlinck

    Dear Wendy,

    Thank you for this initiative of the WOW Week, sharing the best travel intel for 2018 with trusted travel experts and designers. I think it´s really great! We’ll be following it on your social media sites.

    Kind regards from Peru.

  3. Kathy Klofft

    This sounds great! An opportunity to hear about some timely topics! I’ll be following along and happy to share my recent travel tips and travel fails! (Because every travel fail is just a chance to bring the right adaptor or be at the right bus stop next time!

  4. Thomas R. Conlin


    What happens if one happens to be a grumpy, old geezer who travels quite a bit but who also REFUSES to have anything to do with Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter?

    How can I get the benefit of your first WOWWeek reports?

    Thanks for your comments.

    1. Wendy Perrin Post author

      Thomas, that’s an excellent question. My husband is not on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter either. You can still get the benefit because we will be collecting the best travel intelligence that comes in and compiling it into articles that you will be able to read here on Sound good?

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