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Where to Go in April: The Best Places to Travel

Brook Wilkinson | February 14, 2017

Where to go in April? That’s easy: Flowers in full bloom, festive celebrations, and mild temperatures make this early spring month a lovely time to visit many parts of the globe. The best deals usually appear starting one week after Easter (April 16 this year).

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Washington, D.C.

National Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington, D.C.

National Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington, D.C. Photo: National Cherry Blossom Festival

Washington, D.C., is great in the spring before Memorial Day, when you can avoid the high season while taking advantage of the balmy weather. Several fun events take place in April this year: the National Cherry Blossom Festival’s Blossom Kite Festival (April 1) and parade (April 8); Opening Day for the Washington Nationals (April 3); the Smithsonian Craft Show (April 27–30); and the Wine and Food Fest just down the Potomac River in National Harbor, Maryland (April 29–30). —Paul Bennett, Trusted Travel Expert for Washington, D.C.

Read Paul’s Insider’s Guide to Washington, D.C., and reach out to him to get the best possible trip.

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paris vacation rental with view of eiffel tower France

There’s nothing more romantic than a view of the Eiffel Tower. Photo: Paris Perfect

Discover the first hints of spring in Paris while strolling through the Tuileries or pausing a moment under the blossoming trees by Notre Dame Cathedral; in April, the weather is mild and the city is bedecked in blossoms. You’ll beat the tourist crowds before they arrive later in the spring and catch some excellent art exhibits, too: Mark your calendars for a spectacular exhibit celebrating Rodin at the Grand Palais (March 22–July 31, 2017) and the highly anticipated Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting exhibit at the Louvre (February 22nd – May 22nd, 2017).—Madelyn Byrne Willems, Trusted Travel Expert for London and Paris Apartment Rentals

Read Madelyn’s Insider’s Guide to Paris Apartment Rentals, and reach out to her to get the best possible trip.


Riviera Maya, Mexico

Tulum, Riviera Maya

Tulum, Riviera Maya. Courtesy Journey Mexico

Starting a week after Easter Sunday and running through May, rates are low, resorts aren’t too crowded, and the weather is pleasant (mid to high 80s) with little rain. —Zach Rabinor, Trusted Travel Expert for Mexico

Read Zach’s Insider’s Guide to the Riviera Maya, and reach out to him to get the best possible trip.



April means an optimal combination of great weather and relatively low prices in the islands. (Just make sure to avoid the crush of visitors and higher rates that Spring Break brings.) —Jay Johnson, Trusted Travel Expert for Hawaii

Read Jay’s Insider’s Guide to Maui, and reach out to him to get the best possible trip.



Mancora Beach, Peru

Mancora Beach, Peru. Photo: Aracari

April sees the best mix of weather both inland and on Peru’s coast; it’s sunny and warm in Lima, and dry and temperate in the Andes. Since the rainy season has just ended, the air is clear, and the fields are green and lush, dotted with the yellow, pink, and mauve hues of quinoa, amaranth, lupins, and potatoes ready to harvest. —Marisol Mosquera, Trusted Travel Expert for Peru

Read Marisol’s Insider’s Guide to Peru for Food Lovers, and reach out to her to get the best possible trip.


Seville and Andalusia

Spain is always at its best when people are celebrating something—such as Feria, Seville’s April Fair (it always take place two weeks after Easter, so occasionally falls during May). If you visit then, we can get you into a private casita belonging to a respected family, not a corporation—a huge deal. April is also a lovely time to relax in the sun on the Costa del Sol, before it gets crowded with summer visitors.—Ally Lewing, Trusted Travel Expert for Spain

Read Ally’s Insider’s Guide to Seville and Andalusia, and reach out to her to get the best possible trip.



bicycle at Amsterdam Canal

If you have enough time to leave the airport, explore Amsterdam’s canals. Photo courtesy Context Travel

April is bright and pleasant, and it’s prime time for Tulipmania, when the Keukenhof (one of the world’s largest flower gardens) is full of blooms. King’s Day, on April 27, is the biggest street party of the year in Amsterdam; it’s very busy, but a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the Dutch joie de vivre. There’s also the Spring Beer Festival in the Posthoornkerk, a beautiful old basilica, on April 15. —Paul Bennett, Trusted Travel Expert for Amsterdam

Read Paul’s Insider’s Guide to Amsterdam, and Ask Wendy to get the best possible trip.

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Mediterranean Cruises

Crystal Serenity

Sailing through Venice, Italy aboard the Crystal Serenity. Photo courtesy Crystal Cruises.

April is the perfect month to enjoy the brilliant blue skies in the Mediterranean, when the sunny days start to outnumber the cold and cloudy ones of winter. Cruise ships have just repositioned to the region, so you can explore iconic ports such as Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Rome, and Venice without the crowds and heat of summertime. And fares are lower, since this is considered the off-season. —Leslie Fambrini, Trusted Travel Expert for Luxury Small-Ship Cruises

Read Leslie’s Insider’s Guide to European Luxury Cruises, and reach out to her to get the best possible trip.



Istanbul, Turkey. Photo courtesy Crystal Cruises.

Istanbul, Turkey. Photo courtesy Crystal Cruises.

During the annual tulip festival in April, the city is awash in millions (literally) of colorful blooms. The weather is temperate, perfect for visiting the outdoor ancient sites that can be scorching in summer—and the tourist hordes have not yet arrived. Since it’s shoulder season, there are deals to be had at hotels. —Earl Starkey, Trusted Travel Expert for Turkey

Read Earl’s Insider’s Guide to Istanbul In-depth, and reach out to him to get the best possible trip.

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Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic. Photo: Joseph Pisani

Prague, Czech Republic. Photo: Joseph Pisani

April means mild weather, springtime flowers, and no bus-tour crowds in Eastern Europe. (In other years, when Easter falls in April, there are charming holiday markets and festivals in Vienna.) Popular summertime destinations, such as Lake Balaton in Hungary, are relatively tranquil. In Budapest, there is a nice spring festival that lasts most of the month and includes performances (mostly classical music and jazz) from both local groups and international ones. In the Czech Republic, all the countryside castles are just reopening from their winter dormancy. —Gwen Kozlowski, Trusted Travel Expert for Austria, Czech Republic, and Hungary

Read Gwen’s Insider’s Guides to Austria, Czech Republic, and Hungary, and reach out to her to get the best possible trip.

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Elouda villa, Crete, Greece. Photo: Blue Palace Resort

Elouda villa, Crete, Greece. Photo: Blue Palace Resort

Renowned for its rich local culture, Crete is a wonderful place to visit in April when Greek Orthodox Easter falls during that month, as it does this year (on the 16th). Experience renowned Cretan hospitality throughout the festive celebrations, which are distinctive to Greece’s most southern (and thus warmest) island. There are also beautiful wildflowers in April, fewer crowds, and lower hotel rates than you’ll find later in spring.—Christos Stergiou, Trusted Travel Expert for Greece

Read Christos’s Insider’s Guide to Athens, and reach out to him to get the best possible trip.



One&Only Reethi Rah Maldives

One&Only Reethi Rah Maldives. Courtesy Linara Travel

European vacationers drive up prices from Christmas through Easter, but for the few weeks after this period, you’ll find a sweet spot of lower hotel rates and ideal weather: Temperatures are consistently in the high 80s year-round, but in late April there is almost no rain or wind, so the water is calm for snorkeling and diving..—Lindsey Wallace, Trusted Travel Expert for the Maldives and Seychelles

Read Lindsey’s Insider’s Guide to the Maldives, and reach out to him to get the best possible trip.


Papua New Guinea

In April the rainy season is just ending, so prices are better than in the high months of May, June, and July.—Lynette Wilson, Trusted Travel Expert for Papua New Guinea and Fiji

Read Lynette’s Insider’s Guide to Papua New Guinea, and reach out to her to get the best possible trip.


Luang Prabang, Laos

Monks in Luang Prabang, Laos photo credit Flickr/jayarc

Monks in Luang Prabang, Laos. Photo: Flickr/jayarc

Songkran, the Lao New Year, is celebrated in mid-April with a whole week of parades, street markets, and concerts. Tradition holds that revelers douse one another with water in order to wash away the past year’s sins; unlike in Thailand, where you might well be ambushed outside your hotel in the morning, in Laos the locals usually ask before splashing you. —Sandy Ferguson, Trusted Travel Expert for Southeast Asia

Read Sandy’s Insider’s Guide to Southeast Asia, and reach out to him to get the best possible trip.



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