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Wendy Perrin | August 7, 2017

The wide range of resources linked to below include Trusted Travel Experts from my WOW List; travel specialists I’m currently testing to determine whether they deserve to be on The WOW List; and assorted other useful travel people I’ve found over the years.

United States

Start-to-finish trips: Alaska, Arizona, California (incl. wine country), California (northern CA road trip), Colorado, Disney, Grand Canyon, Hawaii, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Pacific Northwest, UtahWashington State, Wyoming

Guides only (and small-group day tours): Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C.

More: Multiple states, River rafting, Bike trips, Impossible-to-get-into events



Start-to-finish trips: Alberta, British Columbia, Canadian Rockies, foliage cruises, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia

Guides only (and small-group day tours): Montreal, Vancouver




Start-to-finish trips: Luxury resortsCuba; Bermuda; St. MartinSt. Bartscruises.




Cabo; Everything else



Start-to-finish trips: Austria, BelgiumCzech Republic, England, England (ultra-exclusive), the CotswoldsFrance, Greece, Greenland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Ultra-Exclusive Italy, Italy (Sicily only); the NetherlandsNorway, Portugal, Portugal beachesRussia, RomaniaScandinavia, Scotland, Sicily, Spain, Switzerland; other.

Guides only (and small-group day tours): Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Dublin, Edinburgh, Florence, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Prague, Rome, Venice, Vienna

Villa/apartment rental: France, London, Italy, Spain

Cruises: Canal barge cruises, Mediterranean cruises, River cruises, luxury cruises

Skiing: Skiing in the Alps

More: Multiple-country trips; Family trips with children; Christmas Markets; Impossible-to-get-into events; Northern Lights.



Central and South America

Start-to-finish trips: Argentina, Brazil, Brazil (ultimate), Bolivia, Costa Rica (families), Costa Rica (couples), Chile adventure, Chile (wine), Colombia, CroatiaEcuador, Galapagos IslandsNicaragua, Panama,  Patagonia adventure, Peru, Peru (outdoor adventure), Uruguay.

Guides and very-small-group day tours: Buenos Aires, Cartagena, Rio de Janeiro

More: Multiple-country trips; river rafting; dive vacations; bike trips; cruises




Start-to-finish trips: Botswana, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Zambia, Zimbabwe; cruises

Small (e.g., 3-day) arrangements: Ask Wendy




Start-to-finish trips: Bali, Bhutan, China (for first timers)China (for something different),  Classic Japan and Off-the-Beaten Path JapanIndia, India (Rajasthan and Mumbai)Indonesia and Exotic Asian IslandsIndian OceanIran, Maldives, MongoliaMyanmar, Nepal, PhilippinesSeychelles, Southeast Asia (flexible), Southeast Asia (long trips), Southeast Asia (without the crowds),  Sri LankaTibetUnited Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan.

Guides only (and small-group day tours): Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Kyoto, Shanghai, Tokyo

More: Multiple countries; cruises



South Pacific and Pacific Islands

Start-to-finish trips: Australia, Bali, Bora Bora, Cook Islands, Fiji, French Polynesia, Indonesia, New Zealand (for first timers), New Zealand (ultimate), Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Tahiti; dive vacations; cruises.

Guides only (and small-group day tours): Sydney, Melbourne



Bike Trips and Rafting Trips




Alaska, Antarctica, Arctic, Asia, Baltic, British Isles, Caribbean, Galapagos, Mediterranean, Scandinavia, South America;

More: river cruises; individual shore excursions



Villa Vacations

France, Italy (your ultimate dream villa), Italy when you can’t afford the ultimate dream villa), ParisSpain, St. Barts, St. Martin


Airline Tickets Only

Flights and urgent assistance: Brett Snyder


Points-and-Miles Tickets Only

Redeeming points for mileage-award seats: Gary Leff





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