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Tremendous pleasure working with her
Katherine Montgomery | October 17, 2016

Zulya is thoughtful, kind, knowledgeable and beyond helpful! She worked extremely hard from the very beginning to ensure the perfect trip! She was always happy to answer questions and answered promptly.

It was a tremendous pleasure working with her and I recommend her highly!

It was amazing.
Ron Klausner | June 29, 2016

Zulya arranged for us to have lunch with her family in Bukhara. It was amazing. Her mother taught my son how to make Palov. The lunch was a true feast with about 20 family members. After lunch we all got up and danced together. It was an experience my wife, son, daughter in law and I will cherish forever.

Zulya also arranged for a wonderful guide to accompany us throughout Uzbekistan. She stayed with us day and night, shared meals and her culture and helped us navigate a very foreign language. Needless to say, Zulya also followed us during our entire stay, keeping in touch with both us and our local guide. Any problems (very minor) were immediately addressed. I would not only highly recommend Zulya to anyone planning a trip to Uzbekistan I would also recommend Uzbekistan as a travel destination.

Flawless journey exceeded expectations
Lee Samuels | May 29, 2015

Some ten months ago I was contacted by a relative who heard Ms. Zulya Rajabova speak about Central Asia tourism destinations. For 40 years, since studying Silk Road destinations as an art history student, I had dreamed of traveling to these exotic locations but didn’t feel comfortable with any travel planner I’d researched or contacted.

From the beginning, Zulya and her staff at Silk Road Treasure Tours engaged my curiosity, replied to all inquiries, set about attaining realistic goals and expectations and engaged me in the entire process of planning a solo (individual) tour of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. I found Zulya and her staff professional, friendly, honest and willing to go more than the extra mile to ensure my comfort and safety while making sure that my interests were met, and designing a detailed and wholly individualized itinerary.

The private guides selected were English fluent, proud citizens of their respective communities and countries, willing to share and show their customs, traditions, and aspects of Islamic secularism, arts, architecture, handicrafts and cultures. All were personable and professional, and maintained high standards for safety while traveling. The drivers who were hired to chauffeur me about various inner city and countryside regions also maintained superior safety standards.

Hotels, B&Bs and restaurants selected maintained the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. Staffs were friendly, professional and eager for me to gain the most out of my stay in their community. Breakfasts were outstanding in choice and taste as were the afternoon and evening meals.

I truly look forward to asking Zulya to assist in planning another transformative travel experience to this region. Although I am a client, I feel as though I am a member of her family. Journeys are not so much the places seen and visited, although they are certainly special, too. It’s realizing that although we have unique backgrounds, customs, languages, and traditions, we share so much through our common humanity…love, desire, dreams, passion, to have a better life for ourselves and our children and to make the world a better place. That’s why I truly believe that two people who can connect on a personal level can create a transformative experience, maybe a miracle.

Thank you Zulya for helping to allow my miracle to come true.

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