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We were very impressed
Anne Nelson | April 19, 2017

My family and I went on a 5 to 6-hour private, walking guided Context tour in New York City: Young, Scrappy and Hungry: Hamilton and Revolutionary New York on April 15, 2017. Our tour guide, or docent, was Ricky who picked us up at our hotel around 10:30 a.m. Ricky is a Ph.D. candidate in colonial history. He came very prepared for our tour with typed notes and even brought an American colonial military uniform used for reenactment, which our 14-year old girls found fascinating. We hit all of the historical colonial areas that Ricky had mapped out as well as stopped by iconic New York City landmarks as we passed them, like the Chrysler building. Ricky had a wealth of historical information about the areas that we visited, like Grand Central Station, City Hall, St. Pauls Church, and Trinity Church, where Hamilton’s grave is located. At my request, he worked in one stop at Takahachi Bakery, a Japanese bakery on Murray St. in downtown Manhattan, and at Neuhaus chocolate shop in the beautiful, modern Fulton St. station. As we were walking around downtown, we happened upon La Maison du Chocolat on Wall St., a great place for a water and coffee break and picking up some delectable chocolates and macarons. Although the restaurant where we had planned to end the tour for a late lunch was closed, we found Sauce and Barrel on Washington St. Their fried calamari was delicious and fresh, and their thin crust pizza, lightly crispy and slightly chewy, a perfect ending to a long tour. I do not know of everyone else in the group, but I was exhausted and ready to go back to the hotel. I think a 5-to-6-hour walking tour was a bit too long. However, we were very impressed with Ricky and the historical tour.

Intelligent, personable, patient
Heather Patton | January 17, 2017

Our family of four (2 adults, 2 boys ages 9 and 12) spent a fantastic morning with Hector Santiago on a Context Travel, Madrid for Kids tour in December 2016. In fact, we would have gladly spent an entire day with Hector. He was intelligent, personable, patient and willing to modify the itinerary when our family’s interest strayed a little outside what is typically covered. Highly recommended!

Hope to do another tour in the future
Sue Bean | August 12, 2016

The walking tour of lower Manhattan was great.
Our guide Ben was very knowledgable on the history of the area. The one suggestion perhaps would be for the guide or company to have an association with a few of the indoor sites so that the guide could easily get in or know that they would be closed. There was an exhibit at the battery that was closed even though the sign posted said it would be open. There was also the upstairs of Fraunces Tavern was not open yet for business but employees were inside. Here my suggestion would be to re route the tour to hit this spot when open or make arrangements in advance to get in with the management.
These suggestions would only enhance an already great tour.
We hope to do another tour in the future to learn more about the big city in our own ” backyard”!

Definitely would recommend
Albertito Castro | June 1, 2016

We had a great afternoon with Isabelle our guide at the Louvre. She was great with our kids and really was able to keep their attention for the whole tour. As proof and what’s even better is that they remember what they saw and have linked it to other experiences and places during our trip to France. Paul Bennett and his team at Context Travel were very communicative and responsive. This was a great choice for us as we eliminated a lot of the guesswork. Thank you Wendy for the suggestion. I definitely would recommend this service, make the investment it will make your trip to the Louvre more satisfying.

We even booked another tour with Paul and his team at Context Travel while we were in Paris.

Excellent with his knowledge, delivery, and itinerary
Lynn Rockford | May 4, 2016

William our Normandy docent from Context travel was excellent with his knowledge, delivery, and itinerary.

Would recommend him highly although he’s booked for the rest of this year.

The experience couldn't have been better.
Herb Saunders | April 18, 2016

We were delighted with our [too brief] time in Rome. Paul Bennett and his team provided us with an absolutely wonderful doyen, Cecilia Martini who made the best use of the time we were together.

We are older and Cecilia was sensitive to our physical limitations while ensuring that we saw what we wanted to experience. A teacher by training, she was remarkably adept at discerning our base understanding of what we were seeing and then building on that foundation to enrich the experience. The experience couldn’t have been better.

The guide was extremely knowledgeable
Linda Collyer | August 6, 2015

We signed up for a walking tour of the Colosseum and Roman Forum. The guide was extremely knowledgeable and an interesting instructor and we learned a lot. Even though we expected the two of us to be in a group of six, it turned out to be just us two for the same price, which we appreciated. They offered a pretty wide range of tours in Rome and we definitely recommend them.

They designed a customized opera tour
Isa Engleberg | August 12, 2015

On our way to Sicily, we did a stopover in Rome to return to the Vatican museum and see several sites we had never visited. We booked several tours with Paul’s team at Context Travel. Two were outstanding, in large part, because the guide was outstanding. We have nothing but praise for the personable, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic Dony.

The Appian Way tour proved more interesting than we thought it would be. After all, the Appian way is just a road. But it’s a real road of great significance, parts of which are in wonderful condition. Dony helped us imagine what it would have been like during the peak of its use. Even more enchanting was the tour of the Baths of Caracalla. We’d read about them, but were amazed by the scope of the complex, its ingenious heating systems and salons, and the preserved mosaics.

The absolute BEST tour was the first-of-its-kind, customized Tosca tour in Rome. We had told Context Travel that we love opera, but nothing was playing during our few days in Rome. They asked Dony to design a tour in which we would visit the actual sites depicted in each act of the opera, Tosca. Dony had done his homework, brought along an iPad filled with music, and began telling the story as we visited the glorious Church of Sant’ Andrea of Act I. Here is where Angelotti hid, where Tosca and Cavaradossi sing their love duets, and where the Te Deum is sung. We then went to the front of the Palazzo Farnese (Act II) where the diabolical Scarpia met his end at Tosca’s hands. Finally, we walked through a maze of fascinating streets to the Act III prison at the Castel Sant’ Angelo where Tosca’s lover Cavaradossi awaited execution. Dony played the final arias as we walked the steps and hallways that led to the top of the castle. The statute of the archangel Michael loomed above us—as itdoes in the final act of the opera. And we could look across Rome as Tosca did when she jumped off the parapet to her doom. Bravo Puccini. Bravo Dony! If you love opera, you’ll love this tour. And you’ll love Dony too. Bravo again.


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