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Just the right mix of sightseeing and relaxation.
Adrienne Auerbach | May 3, 2017

We had a wonderful trip to Portugal with Mike Korn. It was just the right mix of sightseeing and relaxation. Our guide, Carla, was extraordinary, and our drivers were all prompt and professional. The hotel recommendations were terrific and varied. We didn’t have to think about a thing!

Worry-free vacation
Adrienne Auerbach | April 25, 2017

We had a wonderful, worry-free vacation to Portugal courtesy of Mike’s expertise and connections. Every driver and guide was punctual and knowledgeable, our hotels were fantastic and reasonable and our itinerary allowed for lots of learning and exploring. We can’t say enough about Carla, our guide in Lisbon. She was absolutely fantastic. Thanks, Mike!

A great itinerary based on my interests
Sandra Southwick | April 9, 2017

My trip was wonderful. Mike and Ally were quick to respond to my initial request and they set up a great itinerary based on my interests. The guide was very knowledgeable, especially about port. Our driver was a very nice man who treated us like royalty. The trip was a gift to my husband who has an interest in wines. The one puzzle for me is why they booked a room that looked across an alley at another building. We upgraded to a better room (for only 19 euros a night) with a view of the square and the river. I think this trip came in way under my stated budget. Overall, the trip was excellent.

We highly recommend
Dana Perry | May 21, 2016

We are seasoned travelers to Europe and on prior trips had made all the arrangements ourselves. The question was whether it would be worth it to have a professional handle the arrangements; the answer is a resounding yes, in terms of the inside knowledge, the itinerary, and most importantly, the quality of the guides they lined up for us, which were outstanding. We highly recommend and plan to use Heritage Tours to plan our next trip!

We could not be happier
Mike Hartmann | May 4, 2016

We just returned from a month long journey to Portugal and Spain which we planned through Mike Korn and Ally Lewing. We could not be happier with the level of service and planning they provided. There were VERY few instances of confusion during our trip, but when we needed their in-country specialists, they dealt with the issue immediately. We could not imagine planning a trip like this and not using a local travel expert.

Delightful visit in Portugal!
Linda Zimmermann | May 4, 2016

Mike Korn and his team were wonderfully helpful, and we were delighted with the arrangements they made for us. Two days in Porto, sightseeing with guide and driver on the way from Porto to Lisbon, and a guided tour in Lisbon, all in April, 2016. We involved Mike only about six weeks before our planned departure, and he responded quickly with a good plan for us. The material sent before we left for Portugal was excellent, and I especially appreciated the suggestions about tipping guides and drivers. We were very happy with the hotel they chose for us, and they made dinner reservations for us in two very different, but wonderful, restaurants in Porto. We loved Rita, who served as our guide for three days, as well as Sergio, who was our driver for two days. Christina, who served as our guide for a one-day tour in Lisbon, was also amazing. They booked dinner reservations for us in three different Lisbon restaurants, each with great food, and each very different from one another. One thing we enjoyed which might seem small, but was delightful, was stopping for coffee and local pastries while we were walking. The stops in these lovely shops were refreshing, and the pastries were unique to Portugal. My only advice: if there is some really keen interest which might not otherwise be covered by a guide, identify it at the very beginning of the planning. Christina told us that if she had known about our keen interest in pipe organs, she would have brought along some written information about the organs in each of the churches we visited. Thanks much to Heritage Tours for a delightful visit in Portugal!

Great guides, hotels, and drivers
Magda Kuhn | September 9, 2015

Mike set up a wonderful trip to Portugal with great guides, hotels, and drivers. I would definitely use him again. What a wonderful way to see the country!

*One note: Make sure you have all the flight reference numbers for any in-country flights they are going to book before you leave the States.

Top-notch experiences
Peggy Schuemann | May 25, 2015

Last October my husband and I traveled to Spain and Morocco with the very able help and guidance of Heritage Tours.  Again, Wendy Perrin discovered a hands on travel team with access to wonderful guides and top notch experiences.  Barcelona, Seville, Cordoba, all of our lodgings and guides in Spain were chosen with our desires in mind.  Morocco was even better than we had imagined.  The country lovely, the cities fascinating, and the culture deep and resonating with history.  Pairing Southern Spain with Morocco really helped us understand the history of each country.  We perhaps did a bit too much driving in Morocco, and would suggest finding additional means of travel (helicopter?), but the driving did take us to out of the way places.  Not to miss is the desert encampment in Eastern Morocco near the border with Algeria.  Our night in a tent (think dining room, living room, bedroom, running water) on the Sahara Desert under the stars was an experience of a lifetime.


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