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These things don't just happen
Taffy and Dave Lock | February 16, 2017

Miguel and Rozanne planned an extraordinary trip for us from beginning to end. The itinerary was a busy one and that is just what we wanted – it is a long way to come from North America and we wanted to experience all we could culturally and get to know this beautiful island paradise. We saw so much beautiful scenery, had wonderful hikes, beach time, ate the most delicious exotic food and travelled from Jaffna in the north- everything in between and down to the south coast.

Sri Lanka offers so much in so many ways but it takes a skilled travel planner to present an itinerary that will take full advantage of this diversity and give an extraordinary experience. We were the lucky recipients. The communication from the start, during and end was of the highest standard – we even met Rozanne at the beginning of the trip when we arrived at Colombo airport and Miguel Cunat arranged to have contact with us at the Gallery Cafe in Columbo at the end of our trip which was impressive given these people are tremendously busy but we greatly appreciated their efforts.

We had National guide Ananda and driver Sampa with us for the entire 29 days and their services were professional at all times – in fact their service to us was nothing short of amazing. There were so many details and logistics that were handled daily by Ananda which kept us travelling in style all the way to the end of our trip. We had many very long days travelling all together and it was always apparent that our pleasure and enjoyment was top of mind for them.

There were many special touches along the way and I know these things don’t just happen – they are crafted by a travel planner who really goes the extra mile and we would not hesitate to recommend Miguel Cunat and his team. We have returned home to Canada with wonderful memories!

Back and forth of the planning process
Elaine Golin | January 10, 2017

Our 15 day trip to Sri Lanka with Miguel Cunat and his team at Sri Lanka in Style was just extraordinary. Through the back and forth of the planning process, Miguel and his team got to know our interests and tastes, and put together an itinerary that perfectly met our needs (a blend of active/cultural, quirky historical hotels etc etc). But what was really extraordinary was the thoughtfulness and attention while we were in Sri Lanka – every aspect of the itinerary worked like clockwork, there was perfect coordination between our driver/guide, the Sri Lanka in Style customer care folks, local guides, and hotels. This manifested itself in little things like our food preferences (local and spicy!) being known before arrival and our favorite sodas being stocked in our rooms, to bigger things like a “surprise” lunch in a location wed mentioned seeing in a favorite music video, to quite important things, like a last minute change of accommodation (during tight high season no less), when one of us became sick for 24 hours and needed to be moved from our tented safari camp to blander surroundings with a/c and medical access. I want to go to back to Sri Lanka and will definitely book with Miguel and his team at Sri Lanka in Style. Another seamless WOW list experience!

Loved our shore excursion
Carole Pinstein | December 31, 2016

We loved our shore excursion in Colombo. The guide was great, and lunch was fabulous. I have no complaints with our day. The only thing that could be improved on is the lag time in emails in the planning, but I’ve mentioned that before. I’m sure Miguel’s staff is very busy. I would recommend them.

The perfect Sri Lankan itinerary
Jane Wilson | September 24, 2016

Miguel Cunat and Imran created the perfect Sri Lankan itinerary for our needs. We don’t tend to use travel agents as we often feel they don’t understand the type of experience we are looking for. This was not the case with Miguel and Imran who listened to what we wanted to do and created an interesting and perfectly paced itinerary for us that we would never have been able to put together ourselves.

Sri Lanka was fabulous and so many experiences were wonderful however the highlights for us would be the Leopard Trails safari where the staff are so passionate about the work they do and their country that it is a joy to spend time with them, the Colombo City Walk with Mark Forbes brings to life the history of Colombo and the future of this city, Cape Weligama for a peaceful place to enjoy the beauty of the coastline and to experience wonderful food.

We highly recommend taking advantage of Miguel and Imrans experience and passion for Sri Lanka as they created a wonderful itinerary for us and everything went smoothly and it was clear behind the scenes they were checking that everything was ready for our arrival, that we were settled & that everything was going to plan.

Absolutely terrific
Audrey Barris | February 25, 2016

Our trip to Sri Lanka planned by Dilanke Panagoda, Miguel Cunat’s travel consultant at Sri Lanka in Style, was absolutely terrific.
Sri Lanka was beautiful and interesting. Working with Dilanke was a pleasure. He was very responsive and his attention to detail was excellent. The trip he set up was exactly what we were looking for .. lots of interesting and unique experiences.

Thank you Dilanke!

Wonderful service
Pamela Cromer | March 11, 2015

There are not enough words to describe the wonderful service we received from Miguel and his staff in Sri Lanka. Having volunteered in Galle for a week, we were met by our driver/guide and had the most extraordinary two-week adventure. We had a general idea of what we wanted to see and Miguel helped to refine it. He generously gave me all the time I needed to ask questions/speak on the phone/alter plans. The results were PERFECT!


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