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Listened to what I wanted
Kris Ikejiri | January 23, 2017

Michael’s colleague Susan Schrade listened to what I wanted, picked an excellent driver and guide. She arranged for a professional photographer for 3 hours in Fes. He got me into some very interesting spots. The Riads all gave me a sense of place, that I was in Morocco.

Reworked our itinerary to better suit
Heather Patton | January 3, 2017

Michael Diamond at Heritage Tours planned our family trip to Morocco (2 adults and 2 boys ages 9 and 12). Michael was fantastic. He created an itinerary that included many of the highlights of Marrakech, and when one of our travelers had a ghastly broken leg six months prior to our trip, Michael reworked our itinerary to better suit our lower activity level. We felt truly at home at the Riad Joya, where we spent four nights. We had two amazing day trips – one to the desert and another to the High Atlas Mountains. But the clear highlight of our entire trip was our guide, Driss. He was patient, intelligent, professional, and great with our boys. We can’t wait to go back to Morocco, and we wouldn’t dream of booking another trip without Michael’s help or Driss as our guide.

A magical and life changing adventure!
Marisa Desimone | October 20, 2016

We loved every second of our trip!! Thank you, Michael! I really knew nothing about Morocco before I left, but I almost feel Moroccan now!

I think one of your biggest assets would have to be Amine. His love of Morocco and it’s culture was infectious. By the end of the trip we were all cracking jokes and laughing. It was very comfortable. I can quite honestly call him friend. Amine also helped Pam get me medicine and crackers when I got sick. He was very concerned about me and didn’t want to travel to Marrakech until he was absolutely sure I was ok. I appreciated that.

What must Abdilah eat to make him so calm while driving in that crazy traffic? He was like a rock! In the rain and the fog and all the horn honking and traffic circles and jay-walking and scooters – I wish I was that calm when I drive! He even took it a bit slow in some parts because I’m that person who gets car sick.

The hotels (or Riad’s) were beautifully stunning, the food was great (although I was craving McDonald’s after a while), the cooking school was hilarious, and who wouldn’t love to see a goat in a tree?

With all of that….. the most memorable thing about Morocco is it’s people. They are just wonderfully gracious and kind.

It’s obvious that Michael know Morocco and love it and it showed. Thank you for putting together such a magical and life changing adventure!

Went out of their way to make sure our stay was perfect
Jane Wilson | October 17, 2016

We have just returned from a week in Morocco! Michael Diamond and Susan Schrade on his team did a fantastic job of putting together a great trip for us. I can’t say enough good things about our guide, our driver or our accommodations – particularly those in Marrakesh.Our driver, Mohammed was kind, courteous, punctual and an excellent chauffeur. Our guide, Noureddine, was equally wonderful—quite knowledgeable, very professional, most accommodating and cobbled together the perfect blend of cultural and market excursions. His restaurant suggestions were all terrific. We felt that they both went out of their way to make sure our stay was perfect and our every need attended to. The Four Seasons in Casablanca while fine- was prob our least favorite- in part because there is no liquor license and Casablanca pales in comparison to Marrakech. No news there. The spots in Marrakech were phenomenal and we are so glad we split our time and got to see both. Each had an elegance and exotic romance about them. Our only regret (the hallmark of a tremendous trip) was that we could not have stayed longer and included Fez and the Sahara! Reason to return!

They made the difference from a very nice trip to an exceptional one.
Robin Young | October 17, 2016

We just returned from Morocco this past month & were so pleased with the itinerary Michael’s team from Heritage Travel put together for us! Susan was our go-to and from the first moment we spoke on the phone it was obvious that it was going to be an amazing experience. She knows Morocco so well, and with the great staff and resources they have, it was truly a dream trip: from the cities we traveled, the beautiful accommodations, dining & entertainment. The really outstanding part of our trip were our guide Driss and driver Marouane–what wonderful representatives of Morocco they were! They were professional and knowledgeable as we had expected but they also so accommodating: they were flexible, responsive to our needs/requests, and surprised us with visits to special places which weren’t part of our original itinerary. We have such fond memories of their many kindnesses: they made the difference from a very nice trip to an exceptional one.

This trip made us true believers in your WOW list & are now planning February’s Asia adventure with two other of your recommendations.

Thanks so very much.

Phenomenal job
Michelle LaVicka | October 1, 2016

Heritage Tours did a phenomenal job with our tour. Our guide Omar was absolutely fantastic and we had a terrific time in beautiful Morocco. Thank you for a great recommendation!

A fabulous trip
Sandra Quinn | September 18, 2016

We had an outstanding trip to Morocco with our friends, Lynn and Bill. I have used several of Wendy’s WOW agents and felt confident reaching out to Heritage Travel. Michael Diamond, their Morocco specialist, did all of our trip planning, and clearly, he loves Morocco. We talked on the phone multiple times, with Michael listening carefully to our interests and needs. Once he had drafted an itinerary, we went back and forth to finalize it. When we arrived in Casablanca, our guide, Noureddine, who was with us throughout our trip, greeted us. He was attentive, knowledgeable, and flexible; we felt we were in good hands throughout the trip. We had two drivers, both excellent. With Noureddine and our drivers, we had wonderful conversations about life in Morocco; these enriched our experiences. Our accommodations were lovely with three in particular standing out as places we would have happily stayed much longer-Palais Amani in Fes, Casbah Bab Ourika, and Riad Dar Mo’da. At each of these, the rooms were unique and lovely, the staff was gracious and warm, and the food was extraordinary. Our trip to Erg Cheddi was a once in a lifetime experience with stunning views, a lovely campfire and luxurious tent, and a wonderful staff. Other highlights—and there were many-were a wonderful cooking class with Chef Tarik at Atelier de cuisine, an evening of stories with young storytellers who are learning the traditional stories of Morocco, hiking in the mountains in Ourika, and the incredible arts and crafts of Morocco, in Fes and Marrakech. We would absolutely recommend Michael; he created a fabulous trip for us.

Would definitely use them again
Maggie Gill | March 21, 2016

Heritage Tourswas very responsive both in the planning stages and actual trip to accommodate our needs and wishes. Guide and driver both personable and knowledgeable. The trip was well paced. I liked that we felt the company was paying attention to us while we were actually on the trip and called us several times to check on our satisfaction. We really enjoyed the accommodations around the country and the food was fantastic. We added a few extras to the trip which enhanced our experiences like a cooking class, photography walk and hammam visit which I highly recommend. I would have liked a few other cultural experiences beyond sightseeing but I did not request this at the booking time so can’t fault the company. Overall, I give the company an excellent rating and would definitely use them again and recommend them to other travelers.

A remarkable trip!
Steven Donnell | February 20, 2016

A remarkable trip! All details taken care of – everything went seamlessly. We were well looked after, and best of all, were provided with an exceptional guide and driver.

A wonderful trip
C. Zufelt | June 8, 2015

Heritage Tours organized a wonderful trip to Morocco for us in May 2015. The 11-day trip included Fes, the desert, Skoura oasis and Marrakech. The itinerary that Heritage put together was excellent, and the choice of hotels, experiences, and tours was great. Of special note were our excellent guide, Hassane, and driver, Alae. They made a good trip even better with their knowledge, professionalism and friendly attitudes. I would not hesitate to recommend Heritage Tours for your trip to Morocco.

Top-notch experiences
Peggy Schuemann | May 25, 2015

Last October my husband and I traveled to Spain and Morocco with the very able help and guidance of Michael Diamond and his team.  Again, Wendy Perrin discovered a hands on travel team with access to wonderful guides and top-notch experiences.  Barcelona, Seville, Cordoba, all of our lodgings and guides in Spain were chosen with our desires in mind.  Morocco was even better than we had imagined.  The country lovely, the cities fascinating, and the culture deep and resonating with history.  Pairing Southern Spain with Morocco really helped us understand the history of each country.  We perhaps did a bit too much driving in Morocco, and would suggest finding additional means of travel (helicopter?), but the driving did take us to out of the way places.  Not to miss is the desert encampment in Eastern Morocco near the border with Algeria.  Our night in a tent (think dining room, living room, bedroom, running water) on the Sahara Desert under the stars was an experience of a lifetime.

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