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Wonderful introduction to Moroccan culture, history, and life.
Julie Lerner and Jeremy Lerner | October 11, 2017

We had a fantastic trip. From the moment we arrived and were met by the VIP service in Casablanca airport, everything went smoothly. Loved all the accommodations – Riad Fes, Kasbah Tamadot, and Villa des Orangers. Villa des Orangers more than Riad Fes, mostly because of the spacious bathroom. Although I loved the rooftop terrace at sunset at Riad Fes – magical. We had the “A” team with guides Mohammed and Hassan and our driver, Youness. They were amazing. I think Mohammed is the best guide I have ever had. He is an amazing storyteller and provided us with a wonderful introduction to Moroccan culture, history, and life. The hikes and hiking guides in the High Atlas Mountains were also exceptional. The cooking class at Palais Amani was really fun. The vegetable tagine was the best tagine we had the entire trip. The lunch we had with Mohammed at Café Nejjarine was the best Moroccan meal we had other than our cooking lesson. A fabulous trip full of great memories with my adult son!

Got to experience the real Marrakesh
Jeffrey Eskind | October 5, 2017

Michael Diamond is superlative and I encourage anyone going to Morocco to utilize his services.

He customized a fantastic honeymoon in Marrakesh for my children from 9/29/17 through 10/1/17. He listened to what they wanted and planned accordingly. The tours, tour guides, and accommodations were fantastic. When we missed our flight from Madrid to Marrakesh we called him at 7 am and he was there and had us fixed up within an hour with our private transport at the airport when we arrived. The kids felt like they got to experience the real Marrakesh and just wished they had more time. I will use Diamond again.

Fabulous job with the itinerary
Dominique Tran | May 25, 2017

Michael Diamond did a fabulous job with the itinerary, and our guide (Zouhair Aarab) was truly a special guide. He was always on time, very knowledgeable, and very pleasant to be with. He made our trip to Morocco very special. After the trip we feel like to come back to Morocco again and again. Also a very big thank you to Wendy for introducing us to Michael Diamond. This was truly a trip of a lifetime.

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