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Well organized and followed our requests
Nick Goldwasser | November 26, 2017

Our trip was well organized and followed our requests and requirements closely. Our guides were well chosen, friendly, knowledgeable and performed extremely well. We had an absolutely delightful experience.

Outstanding job with routing, planning, private guides/experiences
Carol Schackman | August 13, 2017

We had an amazing trip! This was our first experience using a Wendy Perrin WOW list travel agency. It was too logistically challenging to plan on our own. Marty, Mark, and Mindy did an outstanding job with routing, planning, private guides/experiences that we would not have figure out on our own. It was worth the fees to have experts plan this trip for our family. I highly recommend using them, especially after we had a bad fly fishing experience.  When I emailed them, their response was immediate and included a full refund for the fishing. That alone made using them completely worthwhile knowing they stand behind what they book and have a certain level of expectation from their vendors.

We have never been treated so royally!
Tonya Stabel | August 11, 2017

Marty Behr, Mark Campbell, and their team did a wonderful job with the accommodations, suggestions, prompt responses and keeping us informed. The private guides Sullivan used for us were beyond excellent. Vern in Yellowstone and Grand Tetons was outstanding as were Will and Maureen (Mo) for the horseback ride in Yellowstone. We have never been treated so royally! The trip was worth every penny, and we’d use them again in a minute!

Curated visits that were amazing
Cathe and Bob Spear | July 31, 2017

We used Marty Behr and Mark Campbell to help us plan a wonderful road trip covering a large part of the Pacific Coast Highway from Mendocino down to San Diego. They did a fabulous job working with us and suggesting a number of curated visits that were amazing. We especially liked a fabulous canoe trip down the Big River in Mendocino, a bike and wine tour through Sonoma, and a guided tour through Point Lobos (one of the most beautiful spots on earth). One of the best benefits from using them was their knowledge of the best rooms to stay in – we had some unbelievable views of the ocean from our hotels. They also worked well with us when we needed to make a last minute course correction and modify our plans. Their choice of guides and their detailed instructions were top notch. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a great road trip experience like ours. All you need to do is tell them a little about your preferences, your budget and what you are looking for and they are off and running to deliver some fantastic options. It was one of our best trips ever – we look forward to using them again. A definite WOW!

Patient and guided us well
Gary Horowitz | July 21, 2017

We had multiple iterations of the trip and Mark was patient and guided us well through the plusses and minuses of the changes. All of his recommendations for guides and the hotel were spot on.


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