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My family rated the trip
Karyn Sallus | March 30, 2017

We returned from a family trip to Paris the first week in March. While the weather was anything but cooperative, every other aspect of our trip was flawless. We travelled with our two daughters ages 11 and 12 and developed a perfect itinerary with the help of Madelyn’s team.

We had a lovely apartment, equipped with everything we needed, in a very safe neighborhood with a picture perfect view of the Eiffel Tower out our living room window. We were able to shop for breakfast each morning at the neighborhood bakery and get staples from the many local food shops. We were met at the apartment on check-in and provided a packet with detailed information and tickets, passes, and Metro options for each days’ activities. We worked with them diligently for the two months before arrival and they did a fantastic job organizing an itinerary that was engaging to both our girls and my husband and me. We learned to make perfume, baked baguettes, biked through the gardens of Versailles, had a private guide to take us to the Louvre and Notre Dame, trip up to the top of the Effiel Tower, visit to Arch de Triomphe, explored the many varied neighborhoods of Paris, cruised down the Seine, and the highlight was a birthday carriage ride through the streets of Paris on my 11 yr old’s b’day. She looked like Cinderella in a gorgeous white carriage with people taking pictures of us on every corner.

My family rated the trip a 9.5 out of 10 with the only negative being the weather!! I would tell anyone booking a trip to Paris to contact Madelyn. You cannot ask for a better team to put together a fabulous trip from lodging, restaurant reservations, passes, private tour guides and activities. All well organized and thoughtfully prepared.

You NEVER find them in Europe.
Christine Hrib-Karpinski | March 7, 2017

Let me just say, EVERY aspect of this vacation — from pre-stay communications, during the stay, and post-stay — lived up to the Paris Perfect name!

The arrival packet: Wow! Great information! I love how they split up the packets into two—one for the entire city and another just for the neighborhood. We also appreciated the personal comments on many of the restaurant recommendations; this helped us sift through the many choices in the area and, might I say, they were all great recommendations!

The apartment: This place was amazing. This was the best use of space I have ever seen. I loved that they had American-style bottom and top sheets (I get hot when I sleep and like to just use the top sheet–so many European accommodations do not use top sheets). Also, we had THE largest bath towels ever! Even some of the finest hotels have smaller, skimpy towels.
And Madelyn provided face cloths too! OMG! You NEVER find them in Europe. I usually pack my own when traveling to Europe.

Excursions and reservations: The process for making all the reservations were phenomenal.

The Paris Perfect Team: Fantastic and attentive! Madelyn’s team is the epitome of her brand. They really want to make everything perfect. Whatever Madelyn is doing to keep them happy and loving their jobs, keep it up. Their responses and response times were fantastic. So much of a company can be judged by the people. They represent Paris Perfect in such a positive light.

Thanks to all for such a memorable trip; everything was fantastic! We look forward to coming back. P.S. I have already recommended Madelyn to a bunch of our friends.

The BEST vacation
Kent Schneider | June 5, 2016

Wendy referred us to Madelyn Byrne Willems (London Perfect & Paris Perfect) for our vacation to London and Paris. We just returned (May 2016) and I would have to say this was the BEST vacation our family has ever experienced. The choices of the apartments available were just outstanding as was working with Lizani for our daily itinerary. Her recommended guides and reservations ensured we experienced the best of both cities. My family and I highly recommend Madelyn and her staff.

Truly easy and memorable.
Wendy Doran-Paley | May 5, 2016

Our stay was wonderful. Beautiful house, great location, everything was as stated, smooth, and helped make our stay truly easy and memorable. The staff was very responsive while we were there as well. We spent our last night in London at a hotel – because the Victoria was not available our final night – and although the hotel was great and Madelyn helped us arrange it – it really brought home to us how wonderful it is to stay in a home. Having a kitchen, a place to spread out, etc. are such a luxury and so wonderful. We did wish the Victoria had a TV in the down stairs living room rather than in some of the bedrooms – we are more communal TV watchers and it would have been nice to watch some local TV together – but that is so minor compared to all the many wonderful aspect of our stay.

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