Make Your Next Trip Extraordinary

Attention to detail, well thought out itinerary
Nicole Owen | December 7, 2017

My husband and I had the perfect honeymoon in London thanks to Jonathan and Nicole! Their attention to detail, well thought out itinerary, and excitement for our trip made it one we will never forget! Thank you so much for making our first major trip as a married couple so spectacular!

Tailor an experience to meet your needs
Carol Cozen | October 31, 2017

Jonathan put together a fantastic trip with just more than two months notice. After a half hour of preliminary conversation, he was able to garner a quick read of our travel style (quick moving, long days), including the types of hotels and rooms we like, and preferences for guides and touring. We were thrilled with the results: loved the hotels (we were upgraded in all properties) and our driver guide (highly recommend for Ireland) was a perfect fit. I should also mention that Nicole, Jonathan’s assistant, is incredibly responsive and a pleasure to work with.

We expected rain on our trip but did not anticipate a hurricane! While we only lost one day of touring (spent a relaxing day in the spa), we were not aware that our next hotel had closed due to lack of power. Lucky for us, Jonathan and Nicole were right on it and had us booked with an upgrade at another 5 star property.

I would definitely use Jonathan for a future trip and highly recommend him. Be prepared to provide an honest view of how you like to travel and he will tailor an experience to meet your needs.

So enthusiastic and intuitive
Bernadette Feeney | October 23, 2017

Our trip to Scotland was absolutely wonderful! It was a VERY last minute trip to look at the University of St Andrews for my son who is currently a Senior in high school. Honestly, we had the most magical time on our short trip. Johnathan got on the phone with me immediately, he was so enthusiastic and intuitive. Everything from soup to nuts was seamless and top notch. We took an amazing walking tour all through Edinburgh and we loved every second. Our hotels were beautiful and exactly what I was looking for. Johnathan and his staff were phenomenal and my son loved the University so much I have a feeling there is a good chance he will be attending next year. We will definitely use Johnathan for every trip back!!! Thank you so much, Wendy for providing this amazing service. I just recently found out about it and it’s what I’ve been looking for!

Asked questions to find out what our interests were
Susan and Glenn Lott | October 11, 2017

Jonathan and Nicole did a great job of planning our trip to Scotland. They talked with us and asked questions to find out what our interests were and then came up with a fantastic itinerary for us. The hotels and restaurants they recommended were amazing. We would certainly use them for another trip.

Absolute pleasure to work with
Katy Galli | October 3, 2017

Jonathan and Nicole were an absolute pleasure to work with, and the trip to Ireland was absolutely wonderful. All of the hotels and the staff were superb, especially at Dromoland Castle. The locations of all hotels couldn’t have been better for what we wanted. I can’t say enough about the quality of service provided throughout. Thank you, Jonathan and Nicole!

Great itinerary
Nancy Crawford | October 3, 2017

​We loved all of the hotels they chose and really enjoyed our private driver/guides. It was a great itinerary and we had a fabulous time.

Comprehensive itinerary
Helen Williams | October 1, 2017

We were traveling to Dublin to drop off our son at Trinity University. Jonathan and his Celebrated team helped us with a city visit to Dublin and then we were off to Scotland to celebrate our “empty nest”. They spent a lot of time learning about our hobbies, our interests and our budget for this trip. They came back with a comprehensive itinerary for us that included multiple cities and a couple rounds of golf. Perhaps the single best piece of advice they gave us was: Hire a driver. HIGHLY recommend you spend at least a small portion of your trip with a driver – they know the country inside/out and can make last minute detours/changes seamless and stress free. The special perks at the hotels that Celebrated customers garner were also very fun and I looked forward to them all. Several months into the planning our focus for the trip changed and several items had to be eliminated from the itinerary (no golf) – these were done with grace and alternatives put in place with no issues at all. And during our trip, we cancelled an itinerary event two days before we were supposed to go (a whisky trail tour). Driver was contacted and alternatives put in place as if they had always been a part of the itinerary.

The drivers were all great. Because they know the area so well, they are able to direct you to some spots you would be hard pressed to find on your own.

All of Celebrated suggestions were fantastic. Even though this was not a golfing trip, we did get to visit top golf courses and because we were at St. Andrews on a Sunday, we were even allowed to walk the course. He’s still talking about the picture we took on Swilcan Bridge.

In short, our trip was just about perfect, and we couldn’t have done it without Jonathan’s help. In fact, we will definitely be back to Scotland and dream also of an Italian vacation. We will not hesitate to contact you when we are ready to start planning!

Helpful with the planning and organizing
Lynn Hernandez | September 20, 2017

Everything about our trip to Ireland went just as we had hoped. Jonathan Epstein and Nicole on his team were very helpful with the planning and organizing. Learning from them that U2 was performing in Dublin the night of our arrival was such helpful information in arranging our itinerary. Our driver, Dave Matthews, was friendly, knowledgeable, and flexible. We stayed in wonderful hotels and had some great meals at restaurants that Jonathan and Nicole recommended.

Good balance between structured time with our guides and self-touring.
Bill Bartholomay | September 8, 2017

We had a wonderful time, due in large measure to the local knowledge and resources of our travel planner! The itinerary was nearly flawless, and while we flipped several touring days due to weather, we stayed very true to the plan. Generally, we felt that there was a good balance between structured time with our guides and self-touring.

Last minute for a diverse group
Laura Lippman | August 24, 2017

We booked a trip to Ireland pretty much at the last minute for a diverse group in terms of age, interests. Jonathan totally got us — and was even cheerful about some last-minute feedback from the group that entailed re-booking part of the trip. A grand experience.

Recommendations on what to see and where to go
Daniel Seattle | August 7, 2017

Johnathan & Nicole on his team put together a great itinerary for our trip to the UK and Scotland. In addition to finding outstanding properties for us to stay in, their recommendations on what to see and where to go along the way were instrumental in our overall experience. We also really appreciated that our complete itinerary, including destination details, sights to see and map links were on an app so we didn’t have to bring any paperwork with us.

Variety of experiences offered and places seen
Susan Hughes | August 1, 2017

We’ve traveled a fair amount, and this trip was particularly well planned. The pacing was just right, as was the variety of experiences offered and places seen, and the selection of hotels was excellent. The activities selected for my 11-year-old son were particularly appreciated. Service was generally excellent – there was a blip, but agent took care of it immediately. They stuck to our budget yet also got us some great places. I wasn’t that interested in visiting the UK – it was at our daughter’s request – and we learned and enjoyed it so much we’d seriously consider returning.

Included some obscure spots
Sharon Owlett | July 22, 2017

We traveled to England in June 2017 for several days prior to taking a cruise. We had a very specific agenda for our stay that included some obscure spots. Jonathan and Nicole easily accommodated our itinerary and also rounded it out with suggestions of their own. These included stays in two beautiful and atmospheric hotels somewhat off the beaten path. The driver/guides they arranged for were excellent at their jobs and were also terrific company. Everything was well-planned and well-done, and everyone was easy to work with.

Found his knowledge of the area extensive
Dyann Gormezano | July 22, 2017

Found his knowledge of the area extensive and able to form a fabulous memorable trip. Hotel selections tour guides and restaurant suggestions were spot on.

Very helpful in both the planning and actual trip
Ira and Janet Weiner | July 15, 2017

Jonathan and his team were very helpful in both the planning and actual trip. We would recommend them for someone wanting to see Wales and England. We would suggest anyone working with them be actively involved with questions, preferences, dislikes, etc. They are very responsive.

June/July 2017
Northern Wales, the Cotswolds, Bath, and London

Their enthusiasm, flexibility and availability
Stephen Lerner | July 11, 2017

Jonathan Epstein and Nicole were a pleasure to work with and we appreciated very much their enthusiasm, flexibility, and availability, especially when we had to make last-minute adjustments to our itinerary due to business conflicts. We fell in love with Ireland! We had a fabulous family trip with our adult children and we are happy to share our thoughts with you.

We loved Gregan and Ashford Castle. In fact, our room at Ashford Castle may have been the nicest room we’ve ever stayed in with a stunning lake view. While our rooms at the Westbury in Dublin were a little disappointing, the team at the hotel couldn’t have been nicer in trying to accommodate us. Patrick was a superb driver and a pleasure to be with. However, our expectation was that he would do more guiding and that simply wasn’t the case. In contrast, Pat Liddy in Dublin and David Byrne who drove us to Glendalough were superb. Pat may have been the best guide we’ve ever had. Another highlight was our hike with Shane in the Burren. He was a character extraordinaire and while at first, we weren’t sure what to make of him by the end of the day we were in awe of his wit and “charm” of the Irish sort. Other highlights were hiking the Cliffs of Moher, Diamond Hill, Croagh Patrick, playing golf with the boys and the falconry at Ashford Castle.

All in all, it was a fabulous and memorable trip.

Took us off the beaten path
Christina and Thomas Nester | July 10, 2017

Jonathan Epstein planned our trip to Ireland for June 2017. He and Nicole listen to what we were interested in for our trip and asked questions to pinpoint our interests and what were important must haves for us. They provided a preliminary itinerary and asked that we review it and provided them with feedback. The itinerary was everything we wanted and so much of what we did not realize we may want. What truly made the trip was the driver/ guides that Jonathan arranged for us. They were amazing and made our trip to Ireland more special under their care and guidance. They took us off the beaten path, introduced us to local craftsman and out of the way eateries. Jonathan’s choice of drivers made our trip very special and memorable.

The advice I would give to anyone using a travel planner is the more information you give them about what your expectations and desires are the better your customized trip of a lifetime. we loved our trip of a lifetime to Ireland.
Thank you, Jonathan and Nicole.

Will definitely use Wendy’s WOW list to plan our next trip of a lifetime. Thank you for providing us with this group of special people who are the best at planning extraordinary travel adventures.

Impressed with how available and responsive
Davi and Michael Harrington | June 21, 2017

Jonathan was Fantastic!! He and Nicole listened carefully to what we were interested in, asked great questions to clarify the of kind of trip that would best suit us and came up with a wonderful itinerary. They suggested and arranged for all our hotel reservations ( we loved the hotels he recommended), got us excellent drivers and guides, suggested interesting sites, got the entrance tickets when appropriate and recommended and made dinner reservations for us at some wonderful restaurants. I was impressed with how available and responsive they were to questions big and small, and was particularly impressed with how well they know Ireland. We had a Fabulous time thanks to their excellent advice and planning!!

Trip went very smoothly
Kevin Wagner | June 21, 2017

Planning was excellent. suggested places to stay and interesting sights to see along our travel path. Pre-arranged tickets and scheduled adventures for us. Documents sent were clear and concise and had all of the information sent in advance in case any questions had were taken care of well in advance. The trip went very smoothly and we had a great time on our travels. The travel team took care of what we asked and suggested several items that we could do while in that area of travel. All of the places to stay were very well represented and booked in advance for us. will definitely recommend them to others traveling.

Knowledgeable, professional and patient
Theresa Schmidt | June 12, 2017

Jonathan was great! The first thing he arranged was a phone call so that he could better understand me and my husband’s likes, dislikes, interests, etc… From there I left it in his hands, I felt extremely confident with what he had told us and felt that he completely understood what we were looking for. Our trip was fantastic! From the moment we were met by our driver/guide at the airport to the moment we were back at the airport for our journey home. All of his recommendations were spot on for us, from the hotels to the guides to the restaurants to the drivers. He also arranged little perks, room upgrade, champagne in our room, fruit and chocolates. I would highly recommend Jonathan and his assistant Nicole to help anyone that is interested in taking this trip or in any he specializes. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional and patient. I will be sure to use him again for future travel.

Pace of our trip was not hectic, but well-matched to our travel needs
Carmen Aarsby-Edwards | June 12, 2017

Jonathon and Nicole helped us to plan a very personalized trip that met our needs. All questions for trip planning, what to expect, bookings and general questions were answered promptly – including a few quick questions during our trip. Our itinerary was complete, yet allowed for flexibility – necessary with weather and our own changes in energy levels! We appreciated their advice on planning the itinerary so the pace of our trip was not hectic, but well-matched to our travel needs. Our guides and accommodations were great – it was fun to be surprised and amazed with each new stop and person we met! Decreased stress and increased pleasure by working with this team – win, win!!

Very responsive
Barbara Calder | May 30, 2017

I think that Jonathan did a great job with what we had him help with. All of the hotels he recommended were fabulous and beautiful with terrific service. I really wanted to experience the manor house type of hotel and we did. I am not sure that I would do that again but that is part of my learning experience in planning travel. The restaurants he recommended and made reservations at were all great but a couple of them were “fancier” than we prefer. Still wonderful food but we don’t really care for the “Michelin star” experience . . . which we didn’t know but now do.

Jonathan and Nicole on his team, were very responsive during the planning process. Always back with an answer the same day or at the latest the next day if I had a question at the end of the day. The perks that they provide were appreciated . . . special wine complimentary one place, cream tea another, picnic lunch another and airport transfer another. All of the hotels were aware we had booked with Jonathan and I’m sure that was reflected in the service we received.

Jonathan knew, much better than I did
Judith Goodman | May 23, 2017

First and foremost, Jonathan knew, much better than I did, what kind of Ireland trip would make us happy. I had several ideas of where we wanted to stay, and, happily, Jonathan patiently but emphatically convinced me that I was picking the wrong places. For example, I told him I wanted to stay in Kilkenny; and he said that we should stop there for lunch on our way back to Dublin. Boy — was he right. He picked spectacular, but low-key (which is what I wanted) hotels, with extremely friendly service, great locations, and lovely rooms and facilities.

I will recommend him to our friends, and I will ask him to plan trips for us when we go to any of the countries he works with. We could not have been happier!

A wonderful itinerary
Kathryn and Tom White | May 19, 2017

Everything we discussed with our travel specialist ahead of time was followed and put into a wonderful itinerary for us. The hotels were excellent and the cities chosen for us to visit really gave us an idea of England and Scotland.

Traveled to London, Bath, York and Edinburgh in May, 2017.

Customized itinerary which specifically fit our needs in every way
Jeff and Gwen Bernfield | May 10. 2017

Just returned from another vacation planned by Jonathan Epstein and Nicole Baratelle on his team. As on our other trip to England and Scottland, it was perfectly planned and organized, as expected. We had never been to Ireland before and we entrusted Jonathan to make recommendations on places to stay, restaurants to eat at, and attractions and cities to visit. Every one of their suggestions turned out to be outstanding. Every one! Their knowledge and expertise led us to some outstanding private experiences at Guinness and Kilbeggan distillery. We were also fortunate to have been recommended to try our hand at falconry at Ashford Castle which was one of the most compelling things that we have ever done.

As usual, the planning process with Jonathan and his team is thorough. They consult with you before the trip and ultimately plan a dedicated and customized itinerary which specifically fit our needs in every way. There is frequent interaction as needed and they always promptly respond to any communication.

Overall, this is a high-end luxury travel company, with highly intelligent, responsive and accommodating people who will always work hard to put together a customized trip of a lifetime.

We have never been disappointed by their efforts. We would and will use them again and would recommend them with our highest possible regards.

The treasures of the city
Robin Wilkins | April 25, 2017

Thank you so much for helping us experience many of the joys of Ireland on our first trip to the country. It was simply outstanding. We absolutely love Galway. While our time in Dublin was short, we got to experience many of the treasures of the city. We loved the way Jonathan put the schedule together, to allow the diving portion with David, followed by the walking tour with Brandon. Both guides were outstanding, and our lunch was historic and terrific.

Then we were off to Gregans Castle. What a jewel. Everything about our time in this area was just the best and the hotel is on our all-time favorites list. Outstanding for us at the Castle was the evening we had dinner in the Pub at the hotel. We sat at a table in front of the fireplace and had one of the most romantic dinners ever. What a memorable experience. Our guide, Brendan, was terrific. He knew the area so well that he was suggesting things for us to do while we were in motion. He gave us many options and while we wanted to do them all, we had to give up something. Brendan, now our lifelong friend, was a person with whom it was easy to spend time. He was kind and personable, entertaining and relaxed, and it was a joy to spend time with him. When we come back to Ireland we will definitely ask for him to be with us. One of the other treats we had was a walking tour with Shane, in the Burren. His knowledge of the area was terrific. He is a local farmer but he knew the area so well and gave us a lot of knowledge about the flora and fauna of the area. Everything we did was enjoyable, educational and exciting. And I got a renewed appreciation for Irish whiskey. We realize that our time in Ireland was limited so we are encouraged to come back to Ireland soon.

To sum up, if I was replanning this trip, I would not change anything relative to our guides and accommodations. Everything was perfect. We do look forward to returning to Ireland and will reach out to Jonathan for assistance.

Whatever your expectations
Lucienne Babbitt | March 28, 2017

Whatever your expectations are for a glorious trip to Ireland, Jonathan Epstein and Nicole exceed anything you can imagine. Laying the groundwork with numerous conversations about our desires and intentions for this holiday, Jonathan nailed it. Our hotel, dining choices, countryside driving tour, walking tours and itinerary could not have been more perfect. Of all our travels, our Ireland/Dublin vacation is our favorite! We are ready to return with our grown children and contact you again!

Exceeded anything we expected
Lynn Billings | March 7, 2017

Jonathan Epstein and his team exceeded anything we expected. I would highly recommend them to anyone visiting Ireland. A friend who used Wendy Perrin’s WOW List for her travels overseas recommended. I, as well, would highly recommend your experienced travel agencies as well. I have spoken to numerous friends who used our local travel agencies for out of the country travel and all experienced many disappointing issues. Not so with Jonathan Epstein and his team ~ quite the opposite, I am pleased to say.

Responsive to my desires
Sheldon Tager | November 8, 2016

Jonathan and his team were very professional and responsive to my desires for the trip. I was completely satisfied and could not have planned the trip without him.

You feel you are their only client
Rina Pertusi | November 3, 2016

Jonathan Epstein and his team at Celebrated Experiences are tops in the field. It is almost hard to believe the company is a big as it is because they make you feel you are their only client. They quickly come up to speed and learn exactly who you are and what you want and work to customize your trip around these preferences. There seems to be no part of the United Kingdom that they are not experts in. They keep very current and are very on their game. Jonathan is sharp and witty and smart – and is someone I will work with again. I wished to travel to a remote and obscure forest in Western England in October and Jonathan planned everything around just that, combining luxurious restaurants and inns with woodsy hikes and chauffeured tours. Marvelous and memorable.

High touch planning at the last minute and over an holiday weekend—outstanding.
Roger Potash | October 29, 2016

Jonathan and his team were wonderful.
•Starting with our flight delay and change from Shannon to Dublin airport, they helped us to recover.
•They were spot on to have us start driving in remote areas, where traffic was minimal; our first time driving on the left, worked out fine.
•The itinerary they prepared for us met our desires, mainly in the beautiful, remote West, particularly since it was short notice in a shoulder season.
* Pamela’s been recommending Jonathan and Wendy Perrin to her friends since our return. Many haven’t used a travel planner before.
* We learned how essential having a “free day” was to enjoying the two weeks of touring.
• We never felt that we were pushed along on a tour.
• Outstanding driver/guide
• High touch planning at the last minute and over an holiday weekend—outstanding.

Everything organized
Michelle Eisner | October 7, 2016

The travel specialist had everything organized to the theatre tickets in advance- so we were able to enjoy our trip to its fullest..

Extraordinary service from start to finish
Lisa MacDonnell | October 2, 2016

Jonathan Epstein and his team offered us extraordinary service from start to finish on our anniversary trip to England in September that will be remembered as one of our best travel and life experiences. After a thorough interview process, Jonathan crafted an itinerary for a walking trip that matched our every intention in the best of ways. Because every detail was attended to in advance, we were able to relax into the adventure and be delighted moment-to-moment as it unfolded. Towards the end of the trip, we received a call from Jonathan, informing us that one of the hotels had double-booked us with a wedding party. Jonathan stated that when mistakes like this are made, it always works out in our favor as he asks the hotels to make up for it. He booked us into an upgraded garden suite in a similar manor house for the same price with two complimentary dinners and champagne thrown in. We are pleased that Wendy Perrin referred us to Jonathan Epstein and his team who supported us in experiencing a trip of a lifetime! Lisa and Craig MacDonnell

A pleasure to work with
Karin Forde Whittemore | October 2, 2016

Jonathan Epstein helped us plan our trip to Ireland so well that we did not need any help from him when we arrived. . Every detail was covered and we were happy with every hotel, restaurant, pub and sight seeing venture that we did.

We were in Ireland last month for nearly 3 weeks. We landed in Shannon and traveled the coastline of the country and returned home out of Shannon. Our highlights were Galway and Killarney.

Jonathan and his assistant, Nicole Barratelle, were a pleasure to work with and i would highly recommend them to anyone. We will use them again.

These special touches have done much to enhance our travel experience.
Susan Forcella | September 24, 2016

This is the second trip that Jonathan Epstein of Celebrated Experiences helped us plan, our first being Ireland in May 2016.  Once again, all of Jonathan’s itinerary and hotel recommendations were spot on.  As with the Ireland trip, we felt very warmly welcomed and well taken care of at the hotels, enjoyed several room upgrades, and a special “Celebrated Perk” at each place.  In addition to the excitement of discovering a new destination, we have found that these special touches have done much to enhance our travel experience.  As to the planning process, Jonathan is very generous with his time, thorough and prompt.   We look forward to his assistance in planning a trip to England and Wales in the future.

Knowledgeable and professional
Leana Gallagher | September 19, 2016

Consultant was very timely in responding and put together a trip for us very quickly with our short time constraints. It was a good trip, with very good guides and accommodations. There was no contact with the consultant during our trip, and they suggested that we use our guide as a first resort if there was a problem. A good consultant, but not a “bespoke” consultant. Knowledgeable and professional, but not the hand holding type.

Icing on the cake
Vic Pascoe | September 14, 2016

Nicole and Jonathan were great. The trip was well-designed and we got to do all the things we wanted to do. Everything was great.  The icing on the cake was our driver Martin. He could not have been better.

An amazing holiday
Judy Tucker | August 31, 2016

I have previously worked with one of your travel planners for our trip to Spain, so I felt confident in reaching out to your travel planner for a last-minute request to plan a 12 day visit to Scotland. We were not disappointed and Jonathan managed to book our accommodations in every location that we requested. We were flexible in our travel dates and we arranged to rent a car and drive ourselves, so this left the property bookings, restaurant bookings, golf times and event tickets to Jonathan. We were also celebrating a 39th wedding anniversary and Jonathan arranged personal greetings at each property – a lovely acknowledgment.

We had a little confusion at check-in at one of the properties and I immediately contacted Jonathan (5 or 6 hour time difference for him). He replied within minutes and every effort was made to rectify the confusion – I appreciated his availability and personal attention to our concerns.

We had an amazing holiday in Scotland – a return to family roots for me and a memorable journey to celebrate our anniversary. We had an exceptional visit and we definitely plan a return visit in the near future. Even the weather was wonderful – sunny every day with one day of mist and rain to add to the ambiance!

We continue to be impressed with your travel planners and will not hesitate to consult with them for future journeys.

Excellent job
Jacques (Joe) Moore | August 22, 2016

Having not travelled the area before Jonathan was not only a time saver, but did an excellent job of selecting properties and activities that would work for a very diverse group of people. It would have been impossible to replicate that without his on the ground knowledge of the market.

The best of a 1-week trip
Randy Weiss | August 22, 2016

Jonathan and his colleague Nicolle really helped us the best of a 1-week trip in August 2016 to Sussex and London. Their advice about itinerary and hotels was excellent, and they arranged for extra services as needed. When my wife was hospitalized a month before the trip and it was not clear we would ultimately go, they got one of the hotels to push back their cancellation deadline. And when her slow recovery led us to contemplate several itinerary changes, Jonathan’s advice, reflecting his knowledge of the area, kept us from making changes that would have made the trip much less enjoyable.

They were amazing
Malin Leschly | August 22, 2016

We only had two and half days in Edinburgh but Jonathan and his team made sure they were amazing, from the hotel to the sightseeing. Their restaurant recommendations in particular were fantastic, and every night we had incredible dinners.

A great trip.
Rory Smith | August 22, 2016

Celebrated Experiences put our trip together on very short notice. They picked wonderful hotels and guides and listened to our preferences and got all the choices just right. They introduced us to things we would not have done otherwise. They were conscious of our budget and made appropriate recommendations. Their response time in putting the trip together was excellent. It was a great trip.

They thought of every detail
Cindy Weaver | August 22, 2016

We enjoyed the trip of a lifetime as we traveled from London, England to Gleneagles, Scotland. Jonathan and Nicole at Celebrated Experiences were amazing to work with. They thought of every detail, were incredibly professional, and helped us enjoy a fabulous worry-free vacation. I highly recommend them to anyone and would use them again for our future travel needs.

Recommend them in heartbeat.
Jessica Grant | August 22, 2016

Jonathan and his associate, Nicole, planned a truly perfect trip for my husbands birthday trip. They listened intently to our likes and interests and everything they booked lined up perfectly. Every hotel was gorgeous and beyond expectation. The staff at all were wonderful and each place unique. They gave us excellent suggestions on things to see and where to eat. Every guide and driver they booked was warm, friendly and knowledgeable. I really don’t have one negative thing to say. It was a truly phenomenal experience and we owe it all to Jonathan and Nicole. I would recommend them in heartbeat.

Highly recommend his services
Bonnie Thompson | July 29, 2016

I had hesitated to contact a Trusted Travel Expert for our trip to Scotland, because as an add-on to a business trip, most of our travel arrangements were already predetermined. And we were leaving in about 3 weeks!! But Jonathan Epstein of Celebrated Experiences was gracious with his time and expertise. He helped me fill in the gaps of our itinerary, and it made a huge difference in our enjoyment of Edinburgh. He secured a wonderful room at the George Hotel, with a marvelous view and a king bed, which was not available on their website. He was able to get great dinner reservations for us — with excellent tables, I might add. He helped arrange a birthday celebration at one of the best restaurants in Edinburgh, and it was a great finish to a wonderful time in Scotland. He and his staff were responsive, cheerful and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend his services — if he did a job this great with hardly any advance warning, I can only imagine what a fantastic trip he could plan with a decent amount of lead time.

Highly recommend their services
Steven McManaman | July 27, 2016

Jonathan and Nicole at Celebrated helped me plan a great last minute vacation for my family across the Scottish lowlands and highlands. The arranged a great set of hotels, provided knowledgeable and entertaining guides and arranged just the right amount of activates to keep us busy without overwhelming the vacation. I highly recommend their services and will certainly use them again when my travels take me to the British Isles.

Terrific and very responsive
Susan Stromgren | June 26, 2016

Jonathan Epstein with Celebrated Experiences was recommended by Wendy Perrin for our family trip to Scotland. Usually I plan trips myself for two of us…but this was going to be six and I wanted a private guide, etc. We spent two wonderful weeks in June, 2016 covering a lot of Scotland. Jonathan was terrific and very responsive and thorough. Every place they booked us into was amazing. Plus our guide was so responsive and adaptable. I can’t recommend Jonathan and Celebrated Experiences enough. The only advice I have is to spend the time upfront with them on the phone as I did to be clear about your desires and budget.

Truly once-in-a-lifetime
Holly Gibson | June 15, 2016

My husband and I just returned from a truly once-in-a-lifetime, 8 day trip to Scotland planned by Jonathan Epstein and his fantastic team. Jonathan came highly recommended by my sister who had used Celebrated Experiences to plan her family’s vacation to England. Jonathan spent a considerable amount of time speaking with me about our interests, expectations, budget, etc. and within a couple of days provided a detailed proposed itinerary. Knowing that we were interested in golf, history, castles, unique food experiences, and whiskey tasting, Jonathan and his team provided detailed information about the best golf courses, must see historical and scenic sites, fabulous restaurants, and distilleries with the best tours/tastings. The hotels (St. Andrews Old Course Hotel, Culloden House, Inverlochy Castle and Gleneagles) were beyond amazing and we received upgrades and welcoming gifts at each hotel.

Jonathan strongly recommended hiring a driver for a good bit of our trip and we are so glad we did. Our driver, Davie, was simply amazing and his knowledge of all things Scotland was endless. If you want to see Scotland by car and are interested in its history, traditions, landscapes, wildlife and so on, I highly recommend following Jonathan’s advice about getting a driver. It was probably the best decision we made when planning our trip.

Jonathan and Nicole always responded quickly to our many questions. In addition to taking care of the hotel, airport transfer and driver arrangements, they booked my husband’s tee times, my spa treatment, a top notch distillery tour/tasting at Balvenie in the Speyside region, and made our dinner reservations. Nicole’s restaurant recommendations were spot on! If you make it to Scotland, do not miss dining at The Peat Inn and Forgan’s in St. Andrews, Culloden House in Inverness, Inverlochy Castle, and Andrew Fairlie at Gleneagles.

In sum, our trip to Scotland was perfection. We even had gorgeous weather! I don’t know if Jonathan and his team can take credit for that but they certainly deserve credit for our 5 star, effortless, and truly memorable Scottish experience. We can’t wait to use Celebrated Experiences again!

Recommendations were very helpful.
Marcia Boyle | June 15, 2016

A lot of thought was given because we were travelling with a 6 year old. We loved the hotels, and the guides and drivers were great. Jonathan’s recommendations were very helpful. The only hiccup was the issue of the Manor House Hotel not allowing my grandson to participate in the restaurant at dinner, which we learned about just before leaving on the trip. However, Jonathan and his team intervened and made it work. If not, they were willing to find another site.

Our trip went very smoothly.
Evan Sadler | June 15, 2016

Everything on our trip went very smoothly.

The hotels were all terrific. The staff were friendly and went out of their way to help us. Particular thanks to Gidleigh Park Hotel for cleaning our hiking boots so well that we got through customs with no trouble (we had hiked in a pasture with sheep so had they to be screened so to make sure we didn’t bring anything harmful back with us). I think our favorite was Dormy House—warm and quirky. Loved all the sitting rooms with fires—perfect for cream tea or after dinner drinks. Beautiful view of the water at Hotel Tresanton but St. Mawes is a little bit too small and too out of the way. It would have taken at least an hour each way to get to restaurants outside of St. Mawes due to the narrow roads and waterways. So we ended up restricting ourselves to dinner in St. Mawes which has relatively few restaurants. Also, we went hiking on the northern coast of Cornwall which had views of the rocky coastline I had always associated with Cornwall. Might have been easier/better to have stayed there both for hiking and eating.

The list of things to see was very helpful and we visited many of the places that were suggested. Many of the sites were part of the National Trust. The first was Hidcote Gardens which remains the most spectacular garden we saw the whole trip. The woman there convinced us to become members of the National Trust because you get free entry into their sites. For us, it was definitely worth the 105 pounds. We went to Hidcote, Chedworth Roman villa, Stonehenge, Trelissick Gardens and several car parks near hiking areas that were National Trust sites that charged for parking. I’m probably forgetting some others. But we calculated that we probably came out 25-50 pounds ahead. So it is something worth suggesting to others who might take a similar kind of trip.

The car drop-off and train to London went fine and the transfer to Heathrow was very smooth. Overall an excellent experience.

First rate agency!
Susan Forcella | June 7, 2016

May 21 – June 5, 2016. We just returned from a 2 week, outstanding first trip to Ireland, traveling from Dublin to Belfast and all along the Wild Atlantic Way, and Jonathan totally delivered on all counts. His extremely personalized touring strategies and accommodation recommendations were spot on. From complimentary room upgrades and special culinary and experiential perks, to the genuinely warm and solicitous welcome and treatment we received, we truly felt like VIPs!

Jonathan is actually the 8th Wendy Perrin Trusted Travel Expert we have used, and while they have all been very good, he has been unmatched in delivering tangible benefits while on the trip AND – along with his top-notch assistant Nicole – in his speedy promptness in replying to all of our comments and questions, before, during and after the trip.

One of Jonathan’s recommendations, based on our specific issues and goals, was to hire a driver/guide. We were rather hesitant to do so but decided to take a leap of faith. Our expert driver/guide enhanced our trip exponentially. In addition to eliminating the stress and fatigue of driving, and being able to focus on the magnificent scenery and photo ops instead of the road, he was our personal and direct link into the heart and soul of the Irish people and culture. After 12 greatly productive and fun days together, we felt we were saying goodbye to a friend. (Tip: if you are susceptible to motion sickness while being a passenger in a vehicle, try using snugly and properly placed “Sea Bands” on your wrists. They worked to perfection!)  We are now looking forward with great confidence and anticipation to a trip with Jonathan to Scotland in September, and we hope to have Jonathan design a trip to England for us in the near future. The bar has been set high by this first rate agency!

Best vacation ever.
Philip Mazzilli Jr. | June 2, 2016

My wife,son and I just got back from our best vacation ever. We spent 12 days in Scotland and Ireland in a trip completely arranged by Jonathan Epstein. Everything was perfect!!! We talked with him briefly in February as to cities we wanted to visit and he came back two days later with a complete suggested itinerary including hotels,where to visit in each city,tee times for three days of golf in St Andrews, suggested restaurants,and suggested tours ie guided walking tour in Edinburgh. We said go and everything was booked. All arrangements he and his team made were executed flawlessly ie if car service was due to pick us up at 9AM ,they were there at 8;45 AM. The four hotels he recommended were all fantastic. We would recommend him highly and if we ever decide to return,we will use him again. On a scale of 1-10(10 being the best),I would rate them an 11. Thanks Jonathan for making our trip so special;something the three of us will never forget.

A wonderful trip to Ireland.
Nancy White | May 29, 2016

We had a wonderful trip to Ireland. We were all extremely grateful for the expertise that made the trip for the 5 of us (that included ages 26 to 62), so enjoyable and successful. We would without hesitation recommend Jonathan Epstein and his team. Thank you for making this all possible for us.

He did a great job!
Cindy Eichenholz | May 28, 2016

We loved Scotland and  Jonathan Epstein was very responsive to us and our style of travel. He was eager to visit after the trip to find out about any problems. He did a great job!

Were attentive to our needs
Scott Schrager | May 27, 2016

We recently returned from a 12 day trip including London, parts of Wales, the Cotswolds and Bath. We appreciated Jonathon Epstein’s attention to our interests in planning our itinerary. Both he and Nicole were attentive to our needs and questions and well organized about our reservations. Our accommodations were first-rate and the logistics were seamless. Everything ran well – theater tickets delivered as promised and drivers and guides were on time, informative and interesting people. We enjoyed touring Oxford and Wales with our guide, Michael, but it got even better when we visited his cherished Cotswolds. In London, we did a literary tour of the Bloomsbury area – something we never would have found on our own. Jonathon’s recommended hotel, The Milestone, in London has the most wonderful staff; so friendly and helpful. Loved our suite upgrade at Llangoed Hall – an incredible view. We took advantage of our Celebrated Perk for a wine tasting with the sommelier at Lower Slaughter, which was much more than we expected, and a wonderful experience. We’re so glad we followed Jonathon’s recommendation to visit Bath – we had an enjoyable and interesting day there. We’ll definitely use Jonathan and his team at Celebrated Experiences again,

Good cheer and total efficiency
Ellen Marks | May 25, 2016

Thanks for recommending Jonathan Epstein . Although my husband and I have traveled for years and love to discover places for ourselves, it was a total pleasure to have Jonathan wisely advise us as to our itinerary in Ireland, making it so easy to find the most comfortable and central home bases from which to make our daily explorations around Killarney, Cork and Dublin. Nicole on Jonathan’s team rearranged hotel reservations when we asked, just days before we left, with good cheer and total efficiency and gave us a list of interesting sites, restaurants and shops. We were well taken care of.

Always listen to Wendy's Trusted Travel Experts!
Heather Westing | May 23, 2016

Jonathan Epstein along with Nicole and his team at Celebrated Experiences were able to negotiate mid-trip with our Lake District hotel to reduce our stay to one night so we could go back to a rescheduled Manchester United game (initial game cancelled from a bomb scare – good grief!). Quite a feat, since the hotel is a 2-night minimum accommodation!

We very much enjoyed the places we stayed – and they were right, 3 nights in each place would have been way better. Always listen to Wendy’s Trusted Travel Experts! :)

We loved it all
Wendela Roberts | November 3, 2015

We had a last-minute opportunity to go to Scotland in late May/early June. Normally, Scotland is one of those places you have to book far in advance due to the scarcity of hotel rooms, especially in the high season, and particularly when you have mobility issues as I have (no stairs!). We contacted Jonathan Epstein, who pulled together a gorgeous itinerary with several days in both Edinburgh and Glasgow. We rented a car and had the ultimate road trip, with golf games on the Old Course at St. Andrews, another at the Queen’s course at Gleneagles. We also drove through the Highlands to the West Coast, saw Loch Lomond, and stayed in the most stunning hotels throughout. We even ate at Andrew Fairlie’s restaurant where it’s impossible to get a reservation, due to a a last-minute cancellation. We loved it all, and would do again in a heartbeat. Jonathan and his team were constantly in touch, even during the trip, and I feel guilty for not posting this review earlier. We love them! Thanks, Jonathan

Great trip
David Futransky | October 10, 2015

Great trip with a lot of great help and ideas from Jonathan. His restaurant suggestions were top notch; the hotels greeted us and treated us like royalty. He was very, very helpful.

Highly recommended
Anil John | October 5, 2015

The recommendations Jonathan and his staff provided for our trip to England and Wales was right on, and we had a fabulous time (

I’ve often found that the true measure of a service provider is when something goes awry. We had such a thing happen for us during the trip and Jonathan and his staff were very much front and center in helping us resolve it.

Highly recommended and would absolutely utilize the service in the future.

Top-notch experience
Jacob Kiehl | September 23, 2015

Great enthusiasm and easy team to work with. Picked out some great hotels and places to see. Top-notch experience.

Our family had a great time
Amanda Mandel | August 29, 2015

Our family had a great time on our recent trip to London with the help of Jonathan Epstein. He picked the perfect hotel and had great suggestions about activities and dining. We would definitely work with him again.

Best trip planners we have ever used
Annie Chase Jones | July 30, 2015

If you are looking for help in planning your trip to England, Scotland and Ireland, stop what you are doing and contact Jonathan Epstein immediately! Jonathan and his entire team at Celebrated Experiences are THE experts. My husband and I just returned from a glorious 10 day trip to the English countryside – Wales, The Cotswolds, and The Lake District. Our hotels were out of this world — literally — we felt like we were on an episode of Downton Abbey. The planning, start to finish, was so easy and so fun. Jonathan is lovely — so knowledgeable and actually LISTENS to what you are saying — amazing! He even went out of his way to make sure that each hotel knew about my dietary restrictions as well as my husband’s birthday. We have already started planning our next trip and wouldn’t consider asking anyone else to help us other than Jonathan and his team at Celebrated. Best trip planners we have EVER used. Also? We got to stay at Cliveden. Google it. And then ask Jonathan to help you plan your stay there. :-)

He planned a fantastic trip
Jeffrey Bernfield | July 12, 2015

I reached out to Jonathan and he planned a fantastic trip for us to Scotland, London and Wimbledon. From the outset, Jonathan assured me that all of our needs would be met. He was attentive to our needs, and was extremely communicative throughout the planning process. We just returned, and every single thing that he promised came through without any glitches or complications. Every guide he arranged for us was outstanding! Every day my wife and I would say that the next guide could not top the previous one and it seems like it got better every day. Every single prearranged private ride was on time. My tickets to Wimbledon were waiting for us without incident and we ended up having some of the best seats on Centre Court. The hotels were first-class and he arranged for us to have special amenities at every stop.

I have used over a dozen of Wendy’s special travel advisors, and I can honestly say that Jonathan is one of the most thorough travel experts that I have ever dealt with. I would use him again without hesitation and I would recommend him to any traveler who wants first-class, high-end service. He has a great team that supports his office and travelers’ needs as well. This is a first-rate company and Jonathan clearly sets the tone. I have been to Africa, the Middle East, Europe and all over the world, and I cannot remember a time when I have taken a vacation where every single detail was exactly as expected, and in most instances exceeded expectations.

I will forever be appreciative to Jonathan and Celebrated Experiences for making the memories of this trip ones we will cherish forever.

Couldn't have done it without him
Wendela Roberts | July 8, 2015

We have recently returned from a last-minute trip to Scotland. Realizing that bookings are tight at this time of year, we decided to contact Jonathan Epstein. Although he warned us that it might be difficult to arrange, he rejigged our planned itinerary in order to fit the available hotels (I needed accessibility) in June with 10 days’ notice. He was also able to book a round of golf at Gleneagles’ Queen’s course for my husband, and also told us how to go about getting a last-minute round in at St. Andrew’s, which actually worked!

My husband was thrilled. We had a great ten days on the road, bookended by a couple of days in both Edinburgh and Glasgow. We were so well taken care of by Jonathan and his team-couldn’t have done it without him.

An exceptional trip
Geralyn Westervelt | July 8, 2015

When planning our recent trip to Ireland for my family of six, I wanted to make sure that every minute and every dollar were well-spent. The hotels and itinerary had to meet a variety of expectations and preferences, from relaxing in a pub to exploring ancient ruins. I would not have been able to create such a wonderful experience without the expertise of Jonathan Epstein at Celebrated Experiences.

We had an exceptional seven-night trip in June 2015 to some to the best locations in Ireland, including Galway, Killarney, and Dublin. Jonathan helped me plan a reasonable driving itinerary, with specific must-see stops along the way. We ended each night in a great hotel and used Jonathan’s advice to plan for the following day. Planning this trip with a travel expert reassured me that I was making the best choices for my family and ensured that we all had a memorable trip.

A true value added experience
David Futransky | April 15, 2015

We were both fortunate enough to have ten days in England on our way home from India and to have found Jonathan Epstein through this site. During our first conversation, Jonathan asked a lot of questions about our travel goals and experiences. He came back with thoughtful suggestions (from dinner at Great Fosters between flights from Chicago to Delhi) to manor house hotels in Devon and the Cotswalds that were very special and perfect for what we were looking for on our reentry to the West. The materials provided by Celebrated Experiences were great in helping us prioritize sites and day trips. The rooms, service and overall interaction with hotel staffs were special. We were celebrating our anniversary and people could not have been nicer.
Johnathan and his team provided a true value added experience and we would strongly and most highly recommend them.

We had a wonderful time
Arthur Archibald | April 8, 2015

I travelled with my 19-year-old son and we had a wonderful time. The hotels were excellent, and the driver/guide was wonderful. I would use Jonathan again.

We had a fantastic time
Heather Rozzi | October 12, 2014

My husband and I spent the first week of September 2014 in Scotland—a first for us. Thanks to Celebrated Experiences, we had a fantastic time! Jonathan spoke with my husband and me several times to get a feel for what we might like to do prior to planning our itinerary. He and Patricia patiently answered dozens of questions for me prior to the trip. We spent time in Loch Lomond (Cameron House), Inverness (Culloden House), and Edinburgh (G&V). The hotels were beyond my expectations—I was sad to leave each one! Through Celebrated, we had a fabulous guide (John McElwee). He had great suggestions about what to see and where to eat, and he was genuinely fun to be around. We will definitely use the same guide—and Celebrated Experiences—for our next trip to Scotland.


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