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Specifically tailored just for us
Judy McClure | May 11, 2017

Jim arranged a family trip to Cuba that was very specifically tailored just for us. We were absolutely not a group you could stick in a packaged Cuban “people to people” trip and make happy:

Our 25 year old daughter, who used to be a dancer, studied through the years in summer programs at the Royal Ballet in London, Princess Grace in Monte Carlo, Rosella Hightower in France, and American Ballet Theatre and the New York City Ballet in NYC, and also two years with Rudra with the Bejart Ballet in Lausanne, and she wanted more than anything to visit the Cuban National Ballet School. My husband Dan has been on the Board of the Houston Ballet for about 10 years, and we all very very much wanted to attend a performance of the Cuban National Ballet. Our daughter-in-law Lauren, a second year resident in orthopedic surgery at Stanford, wanted to visit the orthopedic hospital and traumatology center. And Lauren’s mother, Susan, who has been diving all over the world, has always wanted to dive in Cuba. Our son Mark and Lauren also wanted to dive.

We were very specific about what we did and did not want to do, and Jim was unfailingly patient, upbeat, enthusiastic, and always cheerful. I cannot say enough great things about Jim or about the trip, and would be glad to answer any questions you might have about what he did for us.

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