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An excellent overview of the city
Meg Abraham | April 10, 2017

Our tour guide gave us an excellent overview of the city. It was perfect to have a tour scheduled early during our trip so we had a great footprint of the history and architecture of the city as we wandered around throughout the rest of our stay in Paris.

Two fabulous days
Cindy Eichenholz | December 14, 2016

Jennifer was very attentive and responsive and planned two fabulous days for us in Brittany. She got us one of the best guides I have ever had and I have had a lot of guides. She has now lined ups guide for my daughter in Rome. I highly recommend Jennifer!

Jennifer was thorough and very flexible
Jessie Roberts | December 13, 2016

Jennifer Virgilio was thorough and very flexible. She worked with our plans and interests and provided excellent guides – always courteous, friendly and very knowledgeable.

The tour guide for the Meuse/Argonne full day tour had trouble finding one of the sites and, as a result we almost ran out of gas. It was pretty tense for a while. However, the tour planner reacted to that promptly and promised to take this up with the guide. She also picked up any fees we had for the art gallery tour in Paris. We were very pleased with the way she handled this issue. Even with that problem, the guide for that tour was charming and gave us so much information about the battlefields that my husband’s grandfather fought at. The rest of the guides and the tours they provided were stellar.

Treated like royalty
Mari Vasan | August 22, 2016

I highly recommend Jennifer Virgilio from Queen of Clubs. She and her company are outstanding. If you are looking to go to Paris, look no further than this treasure trove of knowledge and epitome of service.

From our first conversation Jennifer was attentive, enthusiastic, and resourceful and this standard was continually carried out by her staff and her contacts.

Our requests were not so easy. We were to be in Paris with our two teenagers for 4 days in August. Because our teens had never been to Paris we wanted to show them some important highlights. And also have fun. AND my husband and I wanted to also find some large pieces of art to ship home (not an easy task in August when so many galleries are closed)…and we wanted to spend just a half day on art.

I am a researcher by nature, so when I called Jennifer I had already looked into suites in several top hotels and I knew all the numbers. Jennifer gave me invaluable input about the pros and cons of different properties, and also told me where she had the strongest connections (which could lead to perks for us). I was very pleasantly surprised when Jennifer sent me quotes for stays at several hotels and they were significantly less expensive than what I had found. In addition, she said she would make the reservation using my credit card. So, I dis not have to pay her up front for the hotels, I could still cancel up to a day or two in advance, and the pricing was totally transparent. Many options were great, and we ended up choosing a newly renovated property where Jennifer said she knew we would have a great experience, and she had a close relationship with them.

We were thrilled with the hotel, where we were upgraded to a super luxurious suite (granted, in August, the hotel was quite empty…but it was an amazing accommodation). We were treated like royalty the entire time.

Jennifer arranged tours for us that were exactly what we had wished for. She even arranged for an incredibly knowledgable art advisor who asked us very detailed and comprehensive questions in advance related to what we were interested in, what we like and dislike, price range, and much more. The art advisor went to galleries in advance for us and sent us images of what he thought we might like. Bottom line: we purchases 3 large pieces we were very excited about during our half day with him. To top it off, we had asked Jennifer if the kids could have a separate tour while we were looking for art and she had arranged a tour of their choice which they greatly enjoyed.

Jennifers staff was extremely efficient from when we landed to when we departed, always texting us the contact info for our drivers and guides and checking back to make sure we were happy with everything. They were on top of restaurant reservations and handled all itinerary changes with ease and grace.

I cannot recommend Jennifer highly enough if you are looking for a special trip to Paris. Her contacts are deep and her service is excellent. And, she offers a la carte pricing instead of the typical “one price for the whole trip.”

Thank you Jennifer Virgilio and Queen of Clubs staff for making our short stay in Paris as perfect as it could have been.

Absolutely fantastic
Lisa Dettmer | July 29, 2016

Just returned from a 30th anniversary trip to France for my husband and I, that Jennifer helped plan, and it was absolutely fantastic!  We travel frequently and thought the 3 hotels that she selected were all exceptional, all with great locations, terrific service and at an excellent value. Jennifer made all of our arrangements for us: rental cars, tickets to top of the Eiffel Tower, train tickets, private transfers, tour guides, dinner reservations, etc.. and they were all terrific. She must have a good relationship with many of the companies because everyone did something “special” for us in honor of our anniversary—champagne, special deserts, room upgrades, etc. I started planning the trip about 12 months in advance, and Jennifer was always very responsive, even with a 9 hour time difference, she always got back to me very quickly. I appreciated her understanding about the types of activities that I had told her we were and were not interested in, but there was one thing that I initially said “no” to, and she encouraged me to reconsider. It was a luxury river dinner cruise in Paris and we initially thought it sounded too “touristy”. Based on past experience, Jennifer encouraged us to take it the night of our anniversary. It was absolutely magical, I can’t imagine a more perfect place to celebrate our anniversary. I will definitely recommend Jennifer to my friends who are traveling to France and look forward to working with her again on our future trips to France.

Made planning a trip a breeze
Juliette Perry | July 28, 2016

Jennifer from Queen of Clubs did a fantastic job. Not only did she plan the entire trip to France with guides and drivers but all the restaurants. I had in mind places to go and a few restaurants in Paris but she supplied the rest. She even reconfirmed our restaurant reservations. All said it was a great experience which made planning a trip a breeze.

She did a very good job
John Zerr | April 6, 2016

We contacted Jennifer for an ad hoc tour while my wife and I were in Paris. She did a very good job of suggesting some interesting tours in keeping with our statements that we have been to Paris numerous times before and had visited most of the principal tourist sites and museums. For example, the Aligre market tour that she arranged for us was excellent (providing an insider’s view of the market itself and the best purveyors) and her guide was very personable, knowledgeable and very engaging.


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