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Excellent and flawless
Kate Vetrano | November 5, 2016

I keep thinking that I will find the time to describe just how responsive Jan Sortland was and that he planned an excellent and flawless trip for us. Suffice it to say, I would recommend him unequivocally. And I will use your organization again based on the experience with Sortland.

Many thanks for the referral.

Cristiana Valentini Katsu | August 22, 2016

The trip went smoothly. The guides were excellent, very knowledgeable and courteous. They spoke English perfectly. The travel agent was able to find for us two tickets for the opera house for a sold out performance. Amazing!

I would give Jan our highest recommendation
Jeffrey Bernfield | March 13, 2016

March 2016. Just returned today from Norway. This was our first trip to Norway. We left the planning and recommendations to Jan Sortland of Norwegian Adventures. Our trip was predicated on attempting to view the Northern Lights. Jan recommended Alta Norway as the best place to view the lights. He was an absolute pleasure to work with. His communications were timely and his attention to details was fantastic. He made many recommendations to us about activities while we were in Alta. These included dog sledding, snowmobiling, ice fishing, hiking and of course Northern Lights “safaris”. He also arranged for a private experience in meeting Sami tribal people and learning about their culture with reindeer sledding. Everything worked to perfection and there were no hiccups in any of the details. Fantastic vacation and dealing with a fantastic travel specialist in Jan Sortland. There is a big advantage in using a local person to plan your vacation. He know all the little things that go in planning a high end adventure.

All in all, I would give Jan our highest recommendation and we plan on using him on our next adventure to Norway on a Fjords excursion.

We couldn’t recommend Jan Sortland more
Susan and Michael Switzer | September 10, 2015

While many of our friends have visited and enjoyed Scandinavia, their trips seem to me the equivalent of visiting New York and Chicago and calling it “America.” It is, of course… but there’s so much more. My husband and I wanted the “so much more.” Problem is, if you ask travel planners to put together an independent itinerary that’s even a little off the beaten path, as we did, not one was familiar enough with Scandinavia to offer anything beyond the typical Copenhagen-Bergen-Oslo-Stockholm track.

Photography is our biggest priority. We wanted our Scandinavian trip—with an emphasis on Norway—to provide lots of photo ops and local color. What we didn’t want was to continually run into every travel photographer’s nemesis: busloads of tourists.

Jan Sortland promised to show us “the Norway that only Norwegians see,” and (with a little Denmark & Sweden thrown in), that’s exactly what he delivered. We traveled to places where the Norwegians themselves were on vacation, big, wide-open spaces, along the way driving hundreds of miles through gorgeous country filled with fjords, farms, waterfalls, even a glacier or two, around every bend yet another extraordinary view. We especially loved our days in the Lofotens, north of the Arctic Circle, where we wound up on Rost Island, 50 miles out in the Norwegian Sea, a small fishing community with roots dating back to the 14th century, famous for its abundance and variety of nesting sea birds. It was one of our favorite spots.

Jan brilliantly managed a 23-day journey with a complicated itinerary that included (take a deep breath): 3 car rentals, 8 inter-Scandinavian flights, 2 fjord cruises, numerous car ferries and an assortment of other boats, a train, a funicular and 10 accommodations, ranging from 5-stars and spas to “the oldest hotel in Norway,” a cozy family-run place, to a couple of fisherman’s huts. It was truly the “adventure” we’d hoped for. In the cities, Jan provided excellent guides and, in Copenhagen, a day with a guide, car & driver, showcasing the beauty of the Danish countryside. Left to our own devices, we were well-supplied with pre-paid vouchers for museums, palaces, stave churches, and a journey out into the Stockholm archipelago.

Our trip concluded in Visby on the Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea—our second favorite place. How fortunate for us that Jan arranged our arrival to coincide with the last day of their annual Medieval Fair—what a sight coming upon half the town in medieval garb in this meticulously preserved medieval town. A photographer’s heaven.

In short, we couldn’t recommend Jan Sortland more.

Exceeded our expectations!
Sandra Z | August 13, 2015

Exceeded our expectations! Everything was great—the accommodations were the finest, our guide was wonderful, and the views and scenery were superlative!

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