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Many memorable experiences
Bonnie and Stuart Y. | August 3, 2015

We have just returned from an incredible trip to China (July 2015—organized by David Allardice of Eastern Journeys). David and his team went out of their way to ensure that every facet of our trip was organized, worthwhile, interesting and fun. From the initial planning phase of the trip to our final trip to the airport for our flight home, David and his team were in constant contact with us. Our connections were seamless. When we experienced a travel delay due to an historic typhoon, David’s team met us at the airport and helped us rebook our flight and find a wonderful last-minute hotel. The guides and drivers were outstanding—very knowledgeable and flexible. David’s hotel recommendations were on point and each was unique to the locale.

David was able to arrange many memorable experiences for us throughout our trip including private access to the imperial palace in Beijing, private viewing of the terra-cotta warriors, and horseback rides in Lijiang. David and the team at Eastern Journeys know what they are doing—we highly recommend them to anyone interested in a unique first-class trip to China!

A trip to remember.
Clive Overlander | March 4, 2015

David and his team of guides and support staff made our recent visit to Beijing,  Xi’an & Shanghai a trip to remember. Our guides were caring and responsive to our requirements and flexible when required.

David's advice was perfect
Phia Paterno | October 10, 2014

When anyone asks about our adventure we always start by telling them that our travel agent was amazing and managed to help us exceed all of our expectations for this trip.

We were there for over three weeks and our complex itinerary was executed without a hitch. But along with that we felt valued and special with every guide, hotel, restaurant and tour in every place that we visited. They really have built an amazing organization and obviously the hotels and restaurants they work with make sure their guests are treated very well.

David’s advice on where to travel was perfect, we enjoyed every place we visited and wouldn’t change a thing. We know Cindy was instrumental in securing our accommodations and other arrangements and appreciate the effort. And we really miss Winnie checking up on us, it was very reassuring!

If anyone tells us they are traveling to the East we will give them Eastern Journeys’ information along with our highest recommendation!

We had just a fabulous time
John Woldrich | October 16, 2014

We were in China from Sept. 9-30, 2014 and covered a lot of ground in three weeks. We (a group of 4) saw all of the major tourist sights. But we also got out of the cities and walked the Wild Wall with William Lindsey, went to little towns and villages like Pingyao (small old walled city), Tongli (water town), Pi’An village (“Dragon’s Backbone” rice patties), and the Li River cruise. We had just a fabulous time. The trip’s success was due in no small part to David’s team of professional guides and central staff in Hong Kong. Along the way a landslide and several flight delays caused our itinerary to change. This was done almost seamlessly, so that we continued on without really noticing that there was a problem, although the Hong Kong staff kept us informed of these changes. As an example, a three-hour flight delay and a landslide threatened to thwart our plan to see the Dragon’s Backbone area, which we wanted to hike. Eastern Journeys anticipated our situation and gave us some options when we arrived in Guilin. We chose to hike for an hour and a half into Pi’An village in the dark with flashlights (!) to get around the landslide. The guide was really flexible and got us the necessary flashlights, called ahead so that the single restaurant would remain open, and even helped out in the kitchen because they were short staffed at that late hour. This was certainly going the extra mile for us. Our decision was rewarded with seeing the rice patties at sunrise the next morning—one of the highlights of our trip. In short, I would recommend David Allardice and his team without reservation.

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