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Our single most rewarding and enjoyable trip by far
Philip Goldman | October 2, 2017

Ashton Palmer and his team are first class. We travel widely and I personally have visited over 80 countries for work or pleasure. Ashton’s team helped me and my family to arrange our single most rewarding and enjoyable trip by far — a Lindblad cruise to the Arctic. We have since booked two additional trips with him (Galapagos and Alaska), and are in the process of booking a fourth. Ashton spent a lot of time learning about our family and its preferences. He has access to a wide arrange of options and made sure to tailor them to our needs. Every detail is covered with each booking. Our itineraries were highly organized and provided to us both electronically and in hard copy. Ashton’s team also provided us with extensive information on each trip to help us to prepare and made sure we met every key deadline. Friendly and responsive, Ashton’s team always goes the extra mile, helping us to secure an airline refund for a trip segment that was canceled in Alaska due to weather. If you are considering an expedition trip or cruise, you just can’t do any better.

Fulfilling all our wishes for the stay
Tom & Bonnie Noll | September 20, 2017

Ashton Palmer and Jennifer and Sarah on his team were all very helpful in planning this trip, The first part of the trip (July 4-13) was on a Lindblad/National Geographic ship which circumnavigated the island. Ashton set this up for us and even booked us into a cabin on the island side of the ship. From July 13-18, after leaving the ship, we had guides and tours in and around Reykjavik, which Jennifer and Sarah set up for us, with lots of back and forth planning until they had established the perfect itinerary, fulfilling all our wishes for the stay. On our first day in Reykjavik, there was a problem with a booking, and their people took care of the rescheduling and all worked out well. We then went to France for a week; and, on our return, they even set up a day tour for us during the layover; having also arranged for a hotel to keep the luggage we needed for Iceland but not for France. We had four different guides during the total of 6 days, and each was good and made sure we saw and did everything possible. The hotels were all very nice and centrally located. Even after we returned home, Ashton promptly helped us to obtain some information we needed. From beginning to end, Ashton’s team did all they could to ensure us an unforgettable experience.

Professional staff eager to share their love of Alaska and its majestic scenery and wildlife.
Lissette Stancioff | August 16, 2017

Ashton and Allison at Expedition Trips were exceptional organizers. Ashton helped us zero in on an appropriate family friendly trip in Alaska. We considered cruises, large, then small, and finally ended up with a perfectly curated mix of fishing, backcountry hiking and glacier kayaking. Marybeth and Allison (and in her absence while on vacation Aubree) meticulously organized every detail and made sure that all our information was conveyed to the trip outfitter. We cannot say enough about the outfitter. Immensely professional staff eager to share their love of Alaska and its majestic scenery and wildlife. Only shortcoming as far as Expedition Trips may have been greater direction on where to stay in Anchorage. We stayed on the inbound at the Lakefront Hotel simply because it was a meeting place for our tour but the hotel is run-down and a bit unkept. On the return from the glacier lodge, we stayed an extra night at the Embassy Suites before returning home. A much better choice of hotel for families that need a little extra space and extraordinary ample breakfast (included in the daily rate) before their long travel home.

Proactive, knowledgeable and responsive
Nancy Weidner | August 15, 2017

Travel specialist took the time to understand our needs and wants and put the perfect trip together. They were proactive, knowledgeable and responsive. They followed up throughout the process to ensure all would go well.

Easy and thorough
Amy Oaxaca | August 2, 2107

I first contacted Ashton Palmer in May 2016 because I wanted to arrange an Alaskan Cruise to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary with our children and grandchildren for the summer of 2017. He was extremely helpful in narrowing down our choice of cruises which focused on Alaska’s coastal wilderness with ample opportunities for hiking, kayaking, and Zodiac excursions. Communication with Ashton and Marybeth on his team, throughout the various stages of planning our expedition, was easy and thorough. I would definitely use them again if I were planning another cruise. Exploring Alaska’s Coastal Wilderness, July 23-30, 2017

Handled quickly and efficiently
Robin Louis | May 20, 2017

Ashton and Marybeth on his team arranged the trip for us. We had already decided to join friends on this voyage, so it was really just a matter of asking Marybeth to book it. Their suggested cabin was perfect for us.

We have used their services before and knew that our request would be handled quickly and efficiently. They were able to book pre and post cruise hotels for us as well.

Flawless service when we really needed it
Jody Kreiman | January 23, 2017

Any travel agent can book hotels and plane tickets. The good ones send you to wonderful places and suggest unique experiences. The really, really great ones come through when something goes seriously wrong and produce a trip that is still perfect. Ashton Palmer is in this last category.

We were already half-way through one of the greatest trips in a life of traveling (Atacama, Patagonia) when our Antarctic cruise was cancelled (mechanical problem) the day before we were to embark. We were stranded in Ushuaia, no hotels, no plans, no plane reservations, between Christmas and New Year’s so everything was booked up. We had no idea what to do or where to go and were having trouble even finding out what was happening. Ashton and his team got to work immediately, reassured us, clarified the situation, found us flights to Buenos Aires, a perfect hotel, new flights home, and negotiated a wonderful settlement from the cruise line. They have handled the refund process for us as well. This was not a small amount of work, and due to the time difference it involved them starting work as early as 5 am.

I have had trips go askew before, and have been stuck in more than one remote place; but I have never had a travel agent step up the way Ashton did. I would recommend him enthusiastically based just on the quality of the trip that was planned and the wonderful arrangements that were made; but I cannot say enough about the flawless service when we really needed it. By far the finest travel professional I have ever worked with.

Sally Boland | January 10, 2017

We started the process of planning this trip around 18 months ago. Its been stress-free with all the planning. Anytime I had a question or needed clarification, I got an immediate response. The trip itself was flawless and rates as one of the best trips we have ever done. I will definitely use Ashton Palmer again if we plan another Polar expedition. Because this trip went so well, we are actually talking about doing an Arctic trip in the future.

Second to none
Philip Goldman | August 26, 2015

Ashton and his team are second to none. They identified a range of incredible Arctic options for our family, and also provided a well-organized and systematic comparison of each trip (ship, itinerary, price, wraparound travel options, etc.). Emails and phone calls were responded to right away, and we received a comprehensive package of materials and trip guidelines that made it easy for us to make our way to a rather remote initial destination in Greenland. Ashton is clearly passionate about this work, listens to his clients, and is extremely service oriented. We could not recommend him highly enough.

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