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Japan: Plan Your Trip!

Wendy Perrin | November 24, 2015

Your Japan Trip Begins Here

Any country that can best France in Michelin’s three-star rankings belongs on a bucket list, but food is just the beginning of Japan’s allure. Who isn’t curious about the land that gave us samurai swords and Hello Kitty handbags? Japan is cherry blossoms, ancient temples, and the way of the tea, a ceremony in which nearly every hand movement is prescribed. Japan is shockproof high-rises and square watermelons. It is white-gloved bus drivers, trains that run on time, and clean streets. It is exquisite manners and refined hospitality. It is high design.

And yet we hesitate. Why? Because Japan is otherworldly in the extreme, and its exoticism is both seductive and unnerving. More to the point, Japanese society relies heavily on personal connections to unlock doors. Without them, your tour of Japan is almost guaranteed to skim the surface—as well as run into travel glitches. Japan is also bracingly expensive, with many of the loveliest ryokans and guest houses costing upwards of $800 to $1,000 per night.

If you fill out your wish list below—in as much detail as possible—I can point you toward the most suitable person to plan your custom-tailored trip to Japan. All information you provide is private; it will be seen only by me and the Trusted Travel Expert I recommend for you.

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