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How to Never Wait in Line at a Tourist Attraction Again

Wendy Perrin | June 16, 2015

Here’s something to read while you’re waiting in the two-hour line at the Eiffel Tower. With tourist crowds predicted to be brutal this summer, I’ve shared a bunch of line-avoidance tips over on the TripAdvisor blog, wearing my hat as TripAdvisor’s Travel Advocate, and I want to make sure you know where to find the advice. Here are some links:


Staying in the U.S.?

Check out my Dos and Don’ts for America’s busiest landmarks. If you’re in Washington, D.C., and headed to the Lincoln Memorial, for instance, go late at night when it’s beautifully lit and especially poignant. The park rangers are there till 11:30 pm to answer your questions. Or say you’re in Hawaii and headed to the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. If you’re reservation-less, go at 7:00 am, which is when tickets for that day are available on a first-come first-served basis. (Besides, it was just before 8 am that the first planes struck.)

Click here for how to survive America’s top tourist magnets.


Headed to Europe?

In Europe, sometimes the trick to line avoidance is to use a side entrance, or to buy a city pass that lets you skip the line, or to save your museum visits for the evenings, when it’s a calmer time to visit. The Tate Modern in London, for instance, stays open till 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

 Click here for how to avoid the crowds and lines at monuments in Europe.


Taj Mahal Sunrise, India

Taj Mahal sunrise, India. Courtesy Sanjay Saxena


Going elsewhere abroad?

When visiting world-famous landmarks, sometimes the solution is to go at sunrise rather than sunset. Or to reserve an entry time. Or to stay ahead of the cruise crowds. Also look for answers in the Insider’s Guides here on In our guide to Angkor Wat, for instance, you’ll learn which entrance to use to avoid the tour groups. And our guide to the Taj Mahal reveals where to go at sunset to enjoy the Taj minus the hordes.

 Click here for how to maximize your visits to iconic landmarks.


Wherever in the world you’re going:

After two decades of evaluating and monitoring travel agents who specialize in destinations the world over, I’ve identified those who can wave their magic wand and make the lines and crowds go away. They also spare you logistical headaches you couldn’t otherwise foresee, expediting your whole itinerary. If you’re not sure which destination specialist is the best match for your needs, feel free to ask me.

Click here if you want to skip every line of your trip.


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