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How to Use Thanksgiving to Improve Your Summer Vacation

Wendy Perrin | November 7, 2016

Thanksgiving brings family and friends together to kick off the holiday season. If those are the same family and friends you tend to travel with for summer vacation, then Thanksgiving also happens to be the smartest time to start brainstorming where you want to go next summer.

That’s because January is when smart travelers start booking their summer trips in earnest. In January and February they can still have their pick of the most in-demand hotels and resorts (though some villas in popular spots will already be booked), the savviest private guides, the hottest tables, and hard-to-get-into activities, performances, and sites. Wait till March or April, and you’re likely to have to pay more and get less.

So, while you’re passing the turkey and cranberry sauce, bring up the topic of travel. Where does your clan want to go next summer? (If you still haven’t planned spring break or this year’s Christmas-New Year’s getaway, put those on the docket too.)

If you can figure out over Thanksgiving where you want to go next summer, then in December you can reach out to the right travel specialist—not to mention take advantage of December’s great availability of summer airfares (and summer award seats). This enables you to lock in your arrangements in January or February, ensuring you get the maximum experience for your money when summer rolls around.

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